Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

The long awaited day is finally here -- the first day of kindergarten!  Lynlee is generally not a breakfast eater, as she doesn't want food until 10 or so.  This is going to be a problem with school, I can already tell.  She managed to eat some toast and drink some milk, and she was ready to go.

We headed out to take her picture.  She wanted a smiley face on her chalkboard to show how happy she is to go to school.

Daddy got to go with us, and our carpool friend.  There is a brand new development to the east of the school, and it was fun to walk up to school and not have to fight the giant field of weeds.

. : still excited : .

I loved all of the photo backdrops the kindergarten teachers provided.  Lynlee found her name on the door.

 And, now the nerves are starting to set in...

Love this picture of her carpool friends and a couple of baby sisters.

And, then, it was her turn!  Mrs Holmgren called the students one by one to line up and get ready to go into class.

I got to do pick-up for carpool on the first day.  Lynlee was more nervous about carpool than school, I think.  These friends were happy to report that they had an excellent first day!

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