Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 16 - 18

We love going to the school carnival!  Lynnie's favorite thing was getting her hair sprayed pink.

Another highlight was when Lynlee tried to dunk her teacher Mrs Holmgren in the dunk tank.  She missed with the balls, but Mrs Holmgren had her run up and just push the button with her hand.

 The bouncy houses were also fun, until...

 ...Ellie jumped off the edge of one onto Greg's back, catching him unawares, and chipping her tooth on his head.  She called it her Utah tooth, because it is shaped like our great state.  It was pretty sharp until the dentist took care of it for us.

Another successful violin recital is in the books!  (And where did that expression come from, anyway?)  For this recital, Ellie got to pick a song that was at least 5 songs before where she is now (once she's in Book 2, she will pick a Book 1 song, and etc).  Ellie did well, despite some challenges.  Her tooth was sharp and hurting her lip, and she accidentally knocked her violin off the counter right before the recital and broke her fingerboard.  Grandma rigged it so it was playable, but it would not stay in tune, and that distracted Ellie as well.

Cece entertained herself almost the whole time by putting stickers on and off my arm.

The highlight for Lynlee was eating snacks with her friends, the Glod sisters, afterwards.

Ellie worked hard to learn the Star Wars theme song.  It was a fun challenge for her to play this music, that was harder than anything she had tackled before.

Cece is my helper in the morning.  She likes to get out all of my stuff as I'm getting ready: my contact stuff, my lotion, my comb.  This morning she also got my toothbrush all ready for me while I was in the shower.

Cece wants to do her own hair right now.

The girls wore their new matching dresses to church.  This is what it looks like when I am trying to get that perfectly posed photo before 9 a.m. church.

 Lynnie and Cece wanted to walk to church, but I do not think they are big enough yet to cross 3200 N.  So Ellie and I trailed them in the van, and then I made them hop in with us to cross the busy road.  They were darling just marching down the road.

Cece's pigtails were perfect, but she wouldn't let me get a picture.  She loves to tease me!

I got her to pose with this doll, since they had matching hair.

 We love making kraut noodles for dinner.  Cece loves to play with real dough (and play dough -- any type of dough, really!)

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