Friday, September 9, 2016

September 2 - 9

We've had a nasty virus running through our family -- first Ellie, then me, then Cece, then Lynnie, then Greg.  Thankfully, Greg got it the least amount, and was better in one day.  The rest of us took 2-5 days to get better.  When Ellie was on the mend, and I had just started, Greg took Cece out to play in the backyard.  It was (literally) a golden hour, with a gorgeous sunset happening all around them.  Cece figured out if she was barefoot, she could climb up the slide, and they happily played for a long time.

Cece kept me well entertained while I was recuperating.  She would tiptoe in my bedroom, pretend to take my picture, and then run away laughing.

By Monday, everyone was better except Lynnie.  Greg took Cece and Ellie out to give them a break from the sick house.

Some of the words we are working on with Cece during speech therapy.

More fun climbing on the slide.

Cece discovered that markers do not work as well as lip gloss.

A bath is an awesome way to get clean, since she needed her face washed.

Those sunglasses would not stay in her mop. They kept on falling off, and Cece would erupt in giggles.

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