Friday, September 30, 2016

September 21 - 30

One of the highlights of going to Sound Beginnings is that we pass at least 4 fields with horses.  Sometimes we pull over and let Cece look as long as she wants.  She signs HORSE enthusiastically and neighs to her heart's content.  Cece was in heaven finding this cat in teacher's house, too.

This messy closet has been an annoyance in the back of my mind for months now.  Cece and I decided it was a good day to just tackle it and get it over with.  I purchased an over the door shoe organizer that I hung on the back of the powder room door, and relocated the hats, gloves, and scarves to that.  Now they are accessible and in a location where we grab them as we head out of the door. 

Ellie gave Cece the idea to carry the baby around like this. Makes it much easier to play.

Some of the latest art creations.

Years ago, my department bought a laptop for me to use.  I used that thing forever, but then it got old and slow, and I was teaching only online, and so I stopped using it.  I asked about turning it in, but the department chair at the time said they had no need for it (because it was so old and slow) and to not worry about.  Luckily I stuck it in my closet, because I got an email a few weeks ago saying that I need to bring it back so that it could be cleared off of their books.  

I decided to turn it in to a Friday adventure, so we picked up Grandma and headed to the grand old AEB.  Cece fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got there, so the big girls and I headed in to take the computer back. 

Of course, Cece woke up right as we left, but Grandma kept her entertained while we chatted inside and used the restroom.

Then we went to visit Grandma Great's grave.  It's the first time I've been there since the funeral.

Fun times with play dough.

Just waiting for the bell to ring.

Taking Ellie to Let's Play Music is always fun in this gorgeous weather.  Ellie rode off super fast and you can just see her if you look closely.
I like to help at the Book Fair, and Lynnie and Cece were excellent helpers.

SEPs are great, and it is always good to get news.  Lynnie is doing well with reading skills.  UPSTART prepared her well for kindergarten.

Ellie also got excellent news from her teacher.  She is reading a grade level ahead right now (her score is higher than where she will need to be at the end of 2nd grade/beginning of 3rd grade).

. : self report : .

Lynlee was being Cece's teacher and worked really hard to create this white board.  She wrote the alphabet and the numbers to 36.  She did not want her picture taken, though...

Take my picture!

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