Saturday, October 15, 2016

Busy Day

Saturdays are our day to soak up Greg and have adventures together as a family.  Sometimes those adventures involve working together, sometimes playing together.  It all works out great.  This particular Saturday started with getting up early, getting new outfits on, hair done, and driving up the canyon to meet our photographer for a photo shoot.

We got there a little early, so we walked around a little bit and I took some pre-shots of the girls on my phone.  They are so darling!

When Emily came, we got right to work since we were doing a mini-session.  I love these, because the timeline is just right for our family size and attention span.    After our whole family shots, it was time to get the three girls together. This is what I captured on my phone...

...which shows the true magic of Emily and her final shot:

The individual photos were hilarious to watch.  Ellie and Lynlee were so good about posing just so, and smiling so brightly.

Cece was also cute, posing with her hand on her hip.  Her most natural smiles came later, though, when Emily had me blow bubbles at her.  Emily's mom was her rainbow-duster-waving assistant.

After this fun and excitement, we headed home to empty out the garage and relocate everything to our new shed.  It took way longer than I expected (almost all day), but everything was so nicely organized at the end.

After a quick dinner, we headed off to Bailey's birthday party.  Jessica always has the most amazing themes and decorations.

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