Sunday, October 30, 2016

Family Photos

I realized this summer that we hadn't had a family photo shoot in almost two years.  We used to get 1-2 a year, because the girls were changing so quickly and I wanted to keep our adoption profiles updated.  Now that our family is (most likely, 99.9%) complete, I have not thought much about getting a new photo.  

I liked the one we took at the Spencer family reunion, but not enough to get it made into a canvas to put over the fireplace.  So when my photographer friend posted on Instagram that she was doing mini-sessions, I jumped at the chance.  She did our last set of pictures and they turned out awesome.  I was really excited to get the photos back and I love how they turned out!  Emily truly has the magic touch.  Here are my favorites:

Lynnie got a bonus picture with Fluffy Puppy.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

These pictures are ALL. SO. BEAUTIFUL!!!


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