Sunday, October 16, 2016


We were all sick the week before Labor Day.  After we started getting better, we realized that Ellie's glasses were no where to be found. We scoured the house.  I remembered seeing them on the kitchen counter, but then nothing after that.  Ellie has uttered many heartfelt prayers, but we were getting no inspiration.  Ellie was convinced that Cece had thrown the glasses in the garbage, and they were forever lost.

I wasn't worried about it too much because Ellie's prescription is a -1 in each eye.  The eye doctor told us she was on the border, and would be fine without glasses, but Ellie really wanted to have them (last winter).  She has been fine, with no issues at school, so that was a blessing.

Fast forward to today, six weeks later.  I have been trying to catch up the blogs, and created this collage from pictures on August 31:

The girls are playing all over the house, and at the exact moment I was working on this collage, Ellie came over to check in, and said, "That was from when I was sick.  I think that's a clue!"  She ran off to look in my room again, and of course, nothing was there.

As I continued to work on the blogs, that thought kept percolating in the back of my mind.  Then I was given the thought of when Cece hid her cochlear implant in the middle of one of bags of yarn, that are stored behind my bed.  Before I consciously finished that thought, I found my legs moving down the hallway.

I went through all of the bags of yarn, and nothing.  I knew at this point that the Holy Ghost was working on Ellie and me, and I kept looking.  I was sitting on the floor by my bookcase, and I looked over at my bed.  I thought, "could it really be that easy?" and looked under the bed.

Now, I have personally looked under the bed before.  Multiple times.

But this time, I saw something reflecting way back.  I reached as far as I could, and started pulling Ellie's glasses towards me.  Then I realized that Ellie needed to be the one who really found them, so I yelled for her to come quickly.

The obedient girl came immediately, looked under the bed, and started jumping around, she was so excited.

What a tender mercy! And especially today, since Ellie gave a talk in Primary this morning on Prayer.  She told the story of when she lost her glasses earlier this year, and could not find them. She prayed and prayed, and then was inspired to look in her bathroom garbage.  She found them in the can, underneath the plastic liner.  It is poignant that after talking about that answer to her prayer before, we found her glasses the very same day.

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Elizabeth said...

What a great testament to the power of prayer!! I'm glad you recorded this story. And I'm so glad she found her glasses :)


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