Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Festivities

Ellie's cute class at school, some of them wearing Halloween themed shirts.

0The long awaited day is finally here:  Halloween parties at school!  We got Princess Leia and Rey all rady to go.

Lynlee's class posed for a picture before the party started.

Cece and I helped with the party.  Lynlee told me afterwards that she doesn't want me to help any more, because instead of doing all of the activities, she hung out with us the whole time.  

On Halloween, Cece was excited to get her costume on as well.  This is her first real year of running from house to house and getting lots of her own candy.

Ellie was super stoked to finally be able to carry Rey's staff, to complete her costume.

Cece loved her pumpkin and kept a death grip on it the whole time we were out.

 Our first house was the Jensens. 

Cece nervously waited, and then...

... was so excited to see her friend Kabe at the door!

The whole family came up to say "hi" and gave the girls waaaay too much candy.  We love the Jensens!

Cece walked a few blocks, and then got tired and hopped in the stroller.  Still gripping her pumpkin.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy and her family live in our ward, and they gave out full-size cupcakes.  Score!  But the best part is that Brother Brown was inside of this giant bear.  He even kneeled down for a picture with Ellie.  Lynlee and Cece were too scared to go close to the moving, gigantic bear.

So much fun to run into Lynlee's birthday twin, Eli.  And even better that he was dressed as her son!

Yup, still got that pumpkin.

Ellie got candy for her at every house and would come running over and drop it in.

What a fun time walking the neighborhood and seeing lots of friends.  When we got home, we made dinner, and Ellie & Lynnie sat outside to hand out candy to the people that came to our house.

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