Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 1 - 6

I left the girls at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and went to pick up food from The Pizza Factory to eat with the entire family after the Priesthood session.  Our girls have simple tastes -- they prefer the breadtwists and cheese pizza.  We tell Ellie she is eating vegetables when she eats pizza, because of the tomato sauce.  It is all part of our effort to get her to eat anything even resembling a fruit or a vegetable...

We love General Conference weekend!  It is always full of family, spiritual-ness, and no early morning meetings for Greg.  We have started attending one session at the church, so Greg can preside (the presidency takes turns for the different sessions).  His counselors are super nice and have let us take Sunday morning the last few times.  It is a different tone to attend conference at the church, in Sunday clothes.

Then it was time to upgrade Cece to a new bed, and take the crib to Adam and Lauren.  It is special that Bobi lent us their crib, that Adam and Lyssa used.  And now it is going back for Adam's baby.  This white bed has been in the basement guest room, and it has to be taken apart to fit through the doorways.  We got it moved and put back together.

Then it was off to Grandma's house to celebrate her 70th birthday!

Ellie, Lynnie, and Cece loved all of the baby cousins.  We carefully washed hands, and then Ellie held a baby the entire time we were there.

Chris and Shayla just had twins.

 The view for most of the night.

Look at these little second cousins!
From Arlena -- Lyssa, Eliana, Lynlee, and Cecilia
From Phyllis -- (Chris & Shayla) Vera, Torin, Sienna; (Rob & Yael) Maya
From Christine -- (Ryan & Janice) Aubrey

Lynnie and Eli are the cutest friends.  They have the same birthday so they are birthday twins (of course!).  They made some kind of concoction to feed their monsters.  And Eli actually ate it.

Taking pictures always entertains Cece.  These were taken at Grandma's birthday lunch at Rumbi.

What do you do after working hard on your speech therapy?  We take funny selfies.

Lynlee earned a reward for sleeping in her bed all night by herself for a certain number of days (maybe 16 this time?).  She picked a mermaid tail swimsuit.  Then Ellie wanted to earn one also.  So of course I got one for Cece as well.  Ellie's and Cece's finally came in the mail and we had to have a mermaid party.

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