Monday, October 31, 2016

October 25 - 31

Ellie spent hours drawing a portrait of every single person in her class.  She was so excited to take them to school and give them to each person.  Here are my favorites:

The girls were all invited to Paisley's Shopkins birthday party.  Cece stayed and played and did awesome -- a total breakthrough!  Ellie had to leave after 20 minutes to go to her LPM class, and she was super sad to leave the party early.  They all loved the cool and yummy treats.

I know when Cece starts the USDB preschool after she turns 3, that the school prefers pull-ups over diapers, if the student is not potty trained.  So I decided to try potty training with Cece and see if we could either get her done before school starts or have her totally comfortable with pull-ups.

It lasted 2 days.

On the third day, Cece refused to sit on the potty and went and got out a diaper from the stash.  Oh, well.  We will try again in a month or two.

Lynlee was inspired by Paisley's party, and we looked up this pattern for a Shopkins cookie.  She did a little and then pulled colors while I finished it up for her.

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