Saturday, October 8, 2016

Star Wars and a Lost Tooth

Ellie and Lynnie were going to play in the Suzuki Association's event, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wars.  Cece got to have a play date with {R}.  We took a picture to send to say, "I'm all ready!"

 It was fun to put together a Princess Leia and a Rey costume.  Ellie especially loved her arm scarves, until she was playing in the concert and they unraveled and became a big mess.

Cece loves {R}!

First on the agenda at the event was learning some choreography with pool noodle light sabers.

Then the girls got their violins and played a concert.  The organizers of the event went to a lot of effort to create video clips for between each song.  There were logistical issues and most of their work wasn't usable.  They turned off the lights in the gym, but there were skylights and it was pretty bright, so the audience couldn't see the screen.  The audio wasn't loud enough on the clips, so they ended up reading them into a microphone.  And, to top it all off, each child had a glow stick twist-tied to their bows, that you couldn't see in the bright gym.  It just made the bows feel funny because of the extra weight.

I felt bad for whoever had put in all of those hours of planning and creating, and then all of their plans were foiled.  There was a lot of rearranging and redoing on the fly.  And it turned out great.

After the concert, we packed up violins, and were told that each child could take home a light saber.  That was exciting.  We wanted to take a picture with Darth Vadar, but the line was long, so they just played instead of waiting.

Lynlee & Rachel

Ellie & Gena

Finally, it was our turn.

Cece had a great time with {R}.  I loved the updates I got from her throughout the day, and I loved that she played with Cece's hair and created these darling pigtails.  They went to {R}'s house to decorate a pumpkin, and...

...went to Cece's cousin's soccer game, and ...

...went back to {R}'s house with 2 of her cousins to finish the pumpkins and watch a movie.  What a fun day they had!

After our grand day, it was topped off by Ellie pulling out her first tooth!  It was pretty wiggly, and she went to bed at the normal time (8ish).  I thought she was asleep, until she came running out of her room at 10:30 to show me that she had pulled it out.  She had been in there, wiggling away, the whole time.

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