Friday, November 11, 2016

Cochlear Implant Surgery - Left Side

We have struggled with the decision all year, whether to implant Cece's 2nd ear or not.  There was an immediate improvement with her first ear, with hearing sounds as well as improved temperament.  Cece was so much happier after she adjusted to her implant -- friendlier to people, more willing to branch out from mommy.  But we were not seeing any gains in speech.  About September, Cece had a few breakthroughs, and she was making gains and a little bit of progress.  So we decided to give it a go.  We knew we needed to schedule her before the end of the year (since we had already met our max out of pocket with our insurance), along with every other parent scheduling final things before the end of the year.  Dr Chaffin could get us in December 19.  I wasn't too happy with that window, since if Cece is sick we have to reschedule, and that didn't give us any leeway.  But what are you going to do?

Then we found out that our insurance was changing, effective December 1.  This started a flurry of calls to Dr Chaffin's scheduler.  There was no guarantee that our new carrier would approve the surgery (and the old one already had).  "Hello, new insurance, we have just started with you.  Will you pay for a $60,000 procedure?"

The scheduler managed to get us in on November 11.

{R} came by the night before and brought Cece some gifts.  Cece soaked up her love.  It is one of may favorite things to watch them together.  I love that this picture has Ellie showing off one of Lynlee's birthday presents, wearing her adoption t-shirt for her pajamas.

I was better prepared emotionally this time, but it is still a nerve-wracking day.  There are so many "what ifs" and it is hard to see your baby in pain.  We managed our clear liquids better this time, and Cece was happier giving up breakfast because she had something to drink.

I can't tell if she is signing CRY or CAT here.  I wonder what she was looking at? 

Cece was hesitant and resigned with all of the paperwork and initial tests (height, weight, temperature, etc).

Still clingy, but cute in her hospital gear.

Once she was given Versed, she got so giggly and goosey.  She was cracking us up.

And then she was whisked away.  She willingly went with the nurse, and I cried a little.

It was good to hear the report that everything had gone well.  But it is hard to watch your baby in the recovery room.

She was pretty inconsolable at first.  Putting her right side implant on helped a lot in getting her to settle down and get some more sleep.

The standard for being able to go home was to eat and drink.  After Cece woke up enough, she drank some apple juice and ate some applesauce & yogurt.  Then she was cleared to leave.

My mom played with Ellie and Lynnie, and it was nice to get cute update pictures like these.

They went to grandma's house for a few hours and were in heaven holding baby Addie.

The recovery at home was harder on Cece this time.  Her pain management was a prescribed pain killer alternated with ibuprofen.  Last time, I think I gave her the prescription once and the rest of the time was ibuprofen.  This time, I had to carefully watch the clock and give her alternating doses every three hours, for a few days.

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