Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lynlee is 6 Years Old

This darling girl is 6!  She was so excited for her birthday and her presents.  It was amazing to me how quickly she woke up, got dressed, got her hair done, and ate breakfast.  The possibility of opening presents before school if she was all ready was really motivating.

Daddy and Ellie picked out some Star Wars light sabers and Mom found the crawling Baby Alive doll she wanted.

I love that everyone is moving in this picture, except Lynlee who noticed the camera and posed for a shot.

There was even time for a playdate with the crawling the babies.

And a light saber fight.

Cece and I got to bring treats to Lynlee's class.  She loved the birthday crown she got to wear.

In talking about her birthday party, Lynlee couldn't decide between having school friends, or church friends, or just Eli and Paisley, or what.  Ultimately, she decided to invite Kabe and Albert & Kanisha.  Kabe was super sweet to come and play with the girls.  He ran them all over the backyard, having light saber fights and pushing them on the swings.  Lynlee can't decide if he is like her big brother or if she wants to marry him when she grows up.  She calls him her best friend and adores him.

Albert and Kanisha brought this awesome balloon bundle, and...

...a Star Wars art kit.  It's an R2D2 light projector, and you can trace Star Wars figures.

Time for the pinata!

Daddy rigged it to the swing set and the girls got in some whacks.  Ultimately, Kabe split it open with one good hit.

We took about 50 pictures with the balloons, but they did not turn out very well -- the 6 was twisted, or the ribbons were in front of Lynlee's face.  So we tried again the next day in her new Anna "Frozen Fever" dress.

Grandma Camp came over to bring Lynlee presents.

And she got to see Albert and Kanisha again and go to a movie.  Quite the birthday celebrations!

All about Lynnie Lu, age 6

What is your full name?  Lynlee Elizabeth
What are your nicknames?  Lynn, Lynnie, Lu, Lulu
What are your favorite colors?  purple and blue
What are your favorite foods?  chicken nuggets with Chick-fil-a sauce, red peppers, tortillas
What are your favorite treats?  "dolphin chips" (aka blue Doritos), gooey butter, ice cream
What is your favorite thing on the iPad?  watching YouTube Kids or playing music and dancing
What is your favorite movie?  Star Wars
What is your favorite song?  the Star Wars soundtrack songs on mommy's phone
What are your favorite animals?  dolphins and puppies
What is your favorite drink?  milk
What is your favorite "treat" drink?  apple juice
What are your favorite toys? special stuffed animals and Star Wars stuffies

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my heck, so cute that she wanted to invite Kabe! And Kabe is such a good sport! Those Jensens are the best!


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