Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 13 - 22

Cece's new favorite food is over easy eggs.  She likes to break the yolks herself, and then lets me give her bites.

Starting to feel better -- wearing a fancy dress and playing with Lynlee's birthday gift from Grandma Camp.

This was Lynlee's first picture using the projector art kit from Albert & Kanisha.  She had me help her trace the image, and then she colored it.  Pretty cool stuff!

Some antics at gymnastics.  Lynlee tolerates going to class, but free time is never fun for her.  This day was funny to me -- she just perched on the pommel horse (is it still called that if there are no "pommels"?) and watched the other girls play.

Ellie loves everything about gymnastics, including free play.

We ventured out of the house today, and checked out the new Harmon's grocery store.  Cece was soooo excited to see a giant Christmas tree and all of the decorations (we've watching a lot of the Signing Time Christmas DVD lately).  She signed CHRISTMAS and TREE and GIFT and SANTA and many more.  All while saying, "tree, tree, tree, wow!"  It was super cute.

Follow-up check-up with Dr Chaffin.  Everything is healing great!

After our appointment, we loved playing in the first snow of the year!

Cece loves the Fisher Price nativity set.  I love that you can see the steri-strips and how well her head is healing.

The girls' school was putting on Annie, Jr, and we took Hannah and Rachel along with us to watch.  They sat right up front on the floor.

We hung out on the side where we could see them, on the fabulously comfortable lunch tables.

Cece abandoned us and ran up front to sit on Ellie's lap.

And then she came back.

Lynlee liked it for about 30 minutes, and the last hour was painful.  It started at 7 and she likes to be in bed and asleep before 8.

Ellie's class had a pie party.  Daddy and Tammy even came to it.

Cece is signing Tammy's name sign (which is aunt).

Everything was super fun until Cece ran full speed into a table and got a bump on her forehead.

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