Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 25 - 29

While I was shopping with my friends on Black Friday, Greg won the Best Dad Ever award and let the girls sleep on an air mattress in the family room, while watching Star Wars.  And he texted me pictures.  This awesome pink and green quilt was given to us by Greg's Grandma Lil for our wedding.

Cece turns 3 in January, which means she ages out of Early Intervention and into the Alpine School District umbrella of services.  Because of that, we got to go 5 different days to have her tested and evaluated on various aspects of speech, language, ASL, and overall communication.  This was our first visit.  

Everyone was super nice every time we went, but I kept on thinking there had to be a better way to link up the ASD services with the USDB (Utah School for the Deaf and Blind) services.  From the very first phone call to set up this first meeting, ASD knew that I was planning on enrolling Cece in the USDB preschool.  ASD did all of the evaulations and had an IEP meeting with Greg, Cece, and I, and 7 professionals (administrator from ASD, the head of the Orem USDB programs, a speech therapist, an ASL specialist, an LSL specialist, a speech therapist, and the ASD preschool teacher).  At the IEP, we declined all of the ASD services, and only then we could opt in to the USDB services.  It was pretty much a giant wasted of time for all of those people who met with us to evaluate Cece, and then did IEP paperwork, and then came to the IEP meeting, when they knew we would be declining ASD services.  I don't know what the answer is, but it seemed very inefficient.

 Sweet love notes in Ellie's great handwriting, from a game she was playing with Lynlee.

Cece (obviously) wears the Snow White dress almost every day.  It was her favorite princess for a while, mostly, I think, because she could sign SNOW WHITE and I knew exactly what she meant.

We got the house all decorated for Christmas, and then we practiced signing "Christmas" and other Christmas words.

Lynlee picked a dolphin ukulele for her reward for sleeping in her bed all night.  We ordered it from Amazon and anxiously waited for it to come.  I looked up a couple of chords, and she quickly learned the C chord and F chord.  She had a great time playing a bunch of her LPM songs, like Good-bye Old Paint and Turtle Shells, that use those chords.

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