Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 8 - 10

Lynlee's birthday was also presidential election day.  Greg follows politics closely, and I paid more attention this election cycle.  I wasn't happy about the major party candidates, and found myself searching for an alternative.  Ellie came home from school after participating in a mock election, and after hearing about the top 5 candidates, had picked Evan McMullin as the candidate she supported.  How funny that she picked who we had picked!  How sad for us all that we all lost our elections (Evan McMullin lost the mock election also).

Cece loved the Elsa "Frozen Fever" costume that came in the mail for Ellie.  It's too big even for Ellie, but Cece dragged it around all morning.  We had obviously been working hard on speech therapy, since all of her books and cards are scattered everywhere.

Ellie creates pretty imaginative settings for her dolls. 

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