Sunday, December 25, 2016


I snuck downstairs and took pictures of Santa's presents late, late on Christmas Eve.  Santa tries really hard to only bring 3 presents (a main present, a book, and the stocking with a movie and some candy) and he is getting better at being close to that mark.  He managed to have 5 presents this year.  Maybe he will hit that 3 present ideal next year.

The sleds were from mom and dad, but were too big to wrap.  Because they were left out, we had a hard time convincing the girls they were not from Santa as well.

I love having Christmas on Sunday.  We got all ready in our Christmas dresses and enjoyed going to church.

 Then we came home and got ready to go downstairs for presents.  I was trying to get pictures on my phone (to text to birth parents) and on the real camera, so it was a fun mix.

They loved the American Girl Dolls that Santa brought, and we all thought it was pretty cool that Cece's doll has hearing aids (that look pretty close to her cochlear implants).

Ellie, especially, was over the moon excited.  She had been asking Santa for an AG doll for months.

. : cell phone shot : .

 . : real camera : .

After the Santa presents were played with, we had a good time unwrapping presents.  We also try to stick to the 3 present idea, and Mommy got pretty close this year.  The girls got some new clothes, including outfits that matched their dolls, and some legos (for the big girls) and playdough sets (for Cece), and some more books.  There are always too many presents because we have so many people who love these girls and spoil them!

A note on Cece's hair:  we did her up all pretty for church, but it was still wet.  She laid down with her head on Lynlee's lap during the program at church, and Lynlee played with her hair.  It was a really sweet moment between them, that led to this awesome, frizzy hair style.

 Santa brought them sticker earrings, and some clip-on earrings.  Lynlee has been begging to get her ears pierced, but we are telling her she needs to wait until she's 12.  Santa thought this would be a fun compromise.

One of my very favorite moments was when Ellie read her doll a story.

After getting some food, Ellie immediately built her new legos.

The sleds work great, even indoors! 

Christmas is so magical, for so many reasons.  What a wonderful day to celebrate Jesus' birth, and the joy of giving to those we love.

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