Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 1 - 3

Cece loved playing in the snow today.

Lynlee is modelling the new shirt she got from Kanisha, so we could send her a picture.  Super cute dog with glasses.

Cece is usually a great napper.  Today she would not settle down, and I went in multiple times to get her calm and laid down again.  On the last time, I told her I would not come back again.  She was quiet for about 20 minutes, and then yelled for about 5 minutes, before being quiet again.  After a few more minutes, I went to check on her again, and found this:

Cec had pulled all of these slats out of the blinds and then fell asleep on top of them.  What a silly girl!  After a couple of weeks of her doing this almost every day, I moved her bed over, swapping it with the dresser.

The girls and I had already decorated for Christmas, except for the tree.  We need Greg's help with that one, plus it's more fun to do that as a whole family.

Cece lined up all of the ornaments in a row and she was so proud of herself.

In the afternoon, Greg had a basketball game, and my mom came to go to the Living Nativity with us.   We were able to go while it was still light out, and I liked that a lot better. The animals are always a hit.

I loved how this Mary and Joseph looked right at the girls and smiled at them.  They were really touched.

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