Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 10 - 14

I love that Lynlee could fit a Christmas dress one more year.  She looked so little lined up to tune her violin for the recital.

Lynlee and Cece are slowly learning how to be better audience members at recitals.  We have the quiet thing down pretty well, now, but are still working on the let's-not-distract-everyone-else thing.

Ellie learned a bunch of songs and was excited to play for about half of the program.  Lynlee played Jingle Bells and was supposed to play Silent Night, but she chose not to go back up at the end.

Most of our days are busy with school and practicing and classes.  Today, Cece and I went to Kindermusik, and ...

... picked up Lynlee from school and headed to Provo for a follow-up appointment with Dr Cordingley, and ...
  (I love the expression on Sarah's face -- did you really hear that, Cece?)

... and follow-up with Dr Chaffin, and ...

... had Let's Play Music class, and ...

... had sister sharing, when Lynlee Cece wear her dolphin earrings.

Cece's last LPM Sound Beginnings class was an instrument day and super fun.

 Parachutes are always a hit.  It was fun to be back in class, since we missed a few weeks as Cece was recovering from surgery.

Ellie's last LPM class of the semester.  It is station day, and one of the stations is to sit with Miss Sheryl and play some things for her individually.

Echo Ed and Echo Edna

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