Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 15 - 17

Lynlee's Kindergarten Christmas Program was a delight!  They did an "around the world" theme, singing It's a Small World  & Jingle Bells as a medley (quite impressive!), Feliz Navidad, the German bell song (Kling, Glöckchen klingelingeling), and things like that.  Lynlee got to say a line about Santa Claus with her row and she was super excited.

Grandma, Cece, Daddy, and I were excited audience members.

Carpool friends are the best!

Eliana's class made gingerbread houses.  This one had an incident on the way home and completely collapsed.  Good thing we took a picture before driving.

Lyssa was in a community production of Peter Pan out in Magna, and it didn't start until 7:30.  I knew it was going to be a super late night if we went, so {R} graciously agreed to take Cece on a date.  Then {R} brought her home to be here when Greg got home from his game around 9:30.  Cece was so excited to go play with {R} and her cousins, and I loved the update pictures {R} sent.

Cece is signing HAPPY and telling me she was ready to go.

There were some technical difficulties at the show, and it got started a half hour late.  We were ready and excited to have front row seats.  Bobi knows how to hook us up!

 Lyssa was in the costume and had to crawl all over the floor.  It was pretty impressive!

The only picture I managed on her curtain call...

We didn't get home til almost midnight.  I wore those girls right out!

Saturday morning started with the ward Christmas party.  We got there late, and most of the breakfast had already been eaten.  So after catching a picture with Kabe, we left and got our own breakfast at One Man Band.

We convinced Tammy to meet us, and then she came with us to go get a picture with Santa Claus.  It was freezing cold and the line took more than 90 minutes.  Tammy took the big girls on rotations through the stores (since we were waiting outside), but Cece wanted to stay with Mom and Dad.  We tried hard to keep her awake.

When we finally got inside Santa's house, the girls wrote him letters.

Dear Santa, I don't care
what I get for
Christmas.  I just want
my family.  but I do 
want american girl doll.
Thats a ideas if I am
on the good list.
I am happy to write
to you.
Your friend, Eliana

Dear Santa,
Leia Luke

 Cece finally started to fall asleep just as we got home, and we whisked her inside for a nap.

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