Friday, December 30, 2016

December 26 - 30

Snow at Christmastime = perfect sledding opportunities.  The girls wore their new hats and mittens from Aunt Jonette and broke in their new sleds.  

10 minutes of preparation. 2 big sisters helping the 'baby' (who is not a baby anymore!). Approximately 6.128743 minutes of sledding. 1 face plant. Totally worth it. 

My favorite picture -- Cece's face was so squished!

We always get as much Amy time as we can when she comes to the States to visit.  Currently she is living in New Delhi, India.

Found this random fact and took a screen shot to show Amy, since one of her favorite foods has always been Cheerios.

More Lego fun.

This is what happens when the baby decides she wants to wash herself, and she dumps half of the bottle into the water.  And then big sister decides to run the jets.

We had a great visit with Albert and Kanisha, playing at University Mall and exchanging Christmas presents.

Ellie loved these trees and spent almost the whole time climbing back and forth.

Lynlee's favorite present were these super soft and comfy, "baby" Star Wars pajamas.

Looking all fancy for her NAET appointment.

Ellie has claimed this little nook for her dolls and plays there almost every day.

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