Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

With so many of the Camp family members in town, we gathered for a celebration at Grandma's house.  Amy requested a Thanksgiving dinner (since she was in India and her attempt to recreate the traditional foods didn't quite work out), and it was fun to have the traditional foods again.  Why do we only eat that menu once a year?  Oh, yeah, because it is a lot of work to create it.  But so delicious!

Travis is not a fan of pictures...

Robyn had the idea to get us all on What'sApp so we could text and call Amy overseas for free.  Mom is funny and shared this message.

We rang in the New Year about 8 o'clock and then headed home. 

Cece loved the sparkling juices.  She drank her glass and both of her sister's glasses.

At home, snuggled up, and ready for bed.  Happy New Year!

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