Saturday, April 23, 2016

Let's Play Music Recital

Ellie and Lynnie had their Let's Play Music recital and they did awesome.  They were both nervous about being in front of the big crowd, but once they got up there they did fine.  Ellie had a rehearsal that morning at 11, and she is independent, so I dropped her off and then went back to get her when she was done.  Lynlee's rehearsal was at 1, and the recital was at 2.  I thought I told Greg that I would try to leave Lynlee at the rehearsal, but that if she was nervous I would just stay and he could bring Ellie and Cece over at 1:45.

Albert and Kanisha and Grandma got there around 1:50.  I chatted for a few minutes and then realized the rest of my family was no where in sight.  I quickly texted Greg asking where they were.  He texted back, "should I be there now?"  "YES!  It starts in 2 minutes."  Afterwards we worked out that he thought I was coming home to get them no matter what...  Greg managed to get Cece woken up, diaper bag thrown together, and everyone to the recital (which was at our church) by 2:04.  But Ellie missed the big opening number.  Oh, well.  I think I was the only one who noticed.

Lynnie has really good rhythm on her sol-do-sol-TAP part on this song.

Ellie was playing her heart out on this song, but her keyboard wasn't producing any sound.  Miss Sheryl fixed it at the end.

Ellie played the do-re-mi scale on the piano and Lynnie played it on the bells.  Then they both play the do-mi-mi part.  Lynnie could successfully play that in our practice, but only once at a time.  Ellie was the only one playing that part on the piano.

Getting her first year certificates at the end of the recital.

Ellie receiving her 2nd year certificates.

Trying to get a picture afterwards was comical.  These are the best two out of the ten I took...

At least Lynnie still likes to pose.

And be silly!

Miss Sheryl is an amazing teacher and we are so grateful that she started teaching LPM.  She reached out on Facebook for kids to come to a sample class, and Ellie was there.  And we have been there ever since.  It is wonderful!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 17 - 21

Cece was killing me during prayers this night -- just eating her chips while trying so hard to be reverent.


Sofia's daddy is a yacht captain and spends most of his time working off the coast of California.  He gets to come home a couple of times a month.  Ellie was concerned that Sofia wouldn't get to go to the Daddy Daughter dance if her daddy was in California, so Ellie invited Sofia to go with her.  The girls had a great time and it was a magical night.

Friday, April 15, 2016

April 9 - 15

Cece is really aware of her sisters and what they need.  If one of them is crying, Cece will run and get a tissue and then wipe their face.  Sometimes too forcibly.  It is incredibly sweet.  On this morning, Ellie was laying on the kitchen floor whining about something while Greg and I were making breakfast.  Cece noticed, and just laid down on Ellie to give her comfort.

Our garage fridge died, so we went to a little shop in Orem to pick out a used one.  The owner of the store gave the girls each a lollipop.  Lynnie wanted me to take a picture of her blue tongue so she could see it.

 And then Cece wanted me to take a picture of her tongue, too.  She stuck her tongue out and signed "SAME."

 Ellie created these awesome cards for everyone in the family.  She spent a long time getting them just right.

Lynlee and Ellie really wanted to see the new Saturday's Warrior movie, and I knew it wouldn't be as fun for me Cece if Cece came along.  Luckily, {R} was available to take Cece on a date.  Win win, for sure!

Cece generally likes going to the audiologist.  She loves doing the sound booth testing and gets really excited to wave at the dancing animals.  Dr Dansie tried out a new test today, and Cece wasn't the biggest fan.  She had all of this equipment draped around her neck.  But she was patient and got through the test.

I am slowly making my way through the house and cleaning things out.  I am loosely following the Kon Mari method.  I say loosely because I am incorporating some of the principles (does this item spark joy?) but not going in the order proscribed.  Today I tackled my bookshelves and had over 50 books I was ready to let go.  I texted Greg's mom to see if she wanted any of them, and she replied that she would be over in 5 minutes to take a look. 8 minutes later, she had arrived and we were looking at them all.  She decided to take everything, and I was happy they were going to a new home where they would be read.

Sweet Lynnie has decided that writing words is fun.  She is always asking me how to spell things.  She made me these cute papers.

I love Heather

How R U Heather Love U R the best mom

Some group lesson shenanigans.  Cece likes to be a part of the action.

After violin lessons, we went to Ellie's school where they were having a 10 year anniversary celebration.  I was most excited to tour the new space center.  Lynlee completely freaked out at the flashing lights and dramatic mission we went on (for 7 minutes, with the middle school students playing the roles).  I managed to get one picture before spending the rest of the time trying to keep her calm.

The rest of the events were fun.  We got to do a photo booth, and play some trivia games, and participate in an art project.

Pops is in town for the weekend and we loved having him stay with us for two of the days.  Lynnie and Cece enthusiastically showed him how to make a volcano.

This picture really does not do it justice.  Cece put on a winter hat right after I did her hair this morning, so it was still wet.  She wore the hat pretty much all day, and when she did take it off, her hair was completely flat on top.  It was pretty crazy!

A yummy snack for Cece.

Friday night pizza making is much more fun with Papa!

Friday, April 8, 2016

March 29 - April 8

Lynlee was practicing some of her gymnastics moves.

Since Cece is the only attendee at the ASL playgroup, it was decided to end early, and this was our final day.  We met at the Orem Library since the USDB already took over our regular classroom.  I've been working on colors with Cece for a little while, and for the first time, it clicked.  Kristi or I would sign, "where's green?" and she would run and stand on a green square.  Then she would sign green and point, and Kristi & I would move to a green square.  We played this game for over 10 minutes.

Ahhh!  The shark is eating the toys.

We wandered around and found this stage.  The only other time I have been to this library was when we met Tayler there for a Christmas-time visit when Ellie was a baby.  I don't remember a sign then saying "don't touch this" and we took pictures of them in front of the curtain.

Cece loved playing this fishing game with Kristi.

I tried to get Cece to reenact the colors game on the way out, but she was having none of it.  She just wanted to eat the snack that Kristi gave her.

The last Thursday morning play date with Sister Meiners and Paisley!  Sister Meiners made Lynnie this awesome Star Wars shirt.

Ellie was in charge of the camera and she mostly took video, but here is the photographic evidence that we finally "threw out" Cece's bottles.   She was excited to put them all in the bag and put it in the garbage can.

By the next day, this is all of the milk she had drunk.  And she never drank any more milk beyond the sips from this cup.  After about 5 days, she finally started drinking adequate amounts of water.  Up until then, she was eating about 10 applesauce pouches a day and getting her liquidity needs from that...

Lynlee likes to tell me, "I'm obsessed with Star Wars.  And Harry Potter."

On YouTube kids, Cece watches these surprise egg videos, and sometimes the eggs are encased in these little ball things. Well, we found some at the store and had to get a few packs to try out.  It's actually a pretty weird texture -- tougher than I expected. 

We went to violin lessons in the morning (since it is Spring Break) and then went to the aquarium with Grandma.  The parking lot was packed and there were 2 school buses, but it didn't feel overly crowded inside.  We stayed for an hour and then left to get Cece home for a nap.

Kanisha texted to see if they could take Lynlee out to lunch that afternoon.  I had already committed to watching a couple of kids (and Lynnie was excited for her playdate) so they came and hung out with us for the afternoon.  They were nice and did perler beads with Lynnie for a couple of hours. Notice the box with purples, blues, blacks, and whites all mixed up.  My mom started sorting that box that night while she was babysitting and we finished it up before going to bed that night.


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