Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 22 - 31

What do you do when your favorite fancy dress gets too small?  Wear it one last time and have Mom take lots of pictures, then give it to your younger sister.

Ellie has improved so much on spelling this year.  She has moved to the highest/hardest list and she mostly gets them all right.  We like to practice her words before school, but she doesn't like having her picture taken while practicing...

Helping Daddy pick out new suits is way more fun when there is a 3-way mirror.

 I was worried about sending Cece off to preschool without me there to keep an eye on her implants.  I probably check that they are still on her head at least 15 times an hour.  I found these cute beaded lanyards on etsy, sold by a mom with a daughter with implants.  They came just in the nick of time!

We tried them out at Lynnie's dance class, and they worked great.

These girls always come up with fun things to do.

When we dropped of Cece's preschool registration paperwork last week, the nice secretary said that she could start the very next day.  I politely declined, because I wanted to wait until the last possible day!  I had been told all along that she would start the week after her 3rd birthday, so I wasn't going to send her 4 days early...

I have been conflicted for months over Cece's preschool.  I know that it will be a good thing for her, and it is like having intense speech therapy all day every day.  But she is so little.  And it is a long day.  And I know I am going to miss her.

The day finally came, along with a big snow storm.  I was already nervous about her riding on the "bus" for an hour, and that made it worse.  But I took deep breaths and got through it.  Cece was most excited about riding the bus.  She loves to go places.

We got all ready and took some pictures outside.

And then we watched for the bus.  It was supposed to come between 7:45-7:50.

The snow made it late, so we gave up watching for it and tried to distract ourselves with a movie.

 It was here!  We got her loaded and buckled, waved bye bye, and she was off.  Greg went to work and I went inside and cried a little.  Lynlee had stayed home from school sick, and she told me it was a good thing she was sick so she could keep me company.

I loved that her kind teacher texted me this picture of Cece happily playing.  That helped allay my nerves a lot.

Every day, Cece gets a report sent home.  The bus driver told me that she was happy as a clam on the bus, but started crying when she was taken inside the school.  And then, as you see, she cried for another 90 minutes...

Lynlee made this awesome unicorn out of perler beads to occupy her sick day.  We are loving this pattern book that Grandma Camp gave the girls for Christmas.

Cece was supposed to be home on the bus around 3, but the bus driver texted me and said that she was going to be pretty late because of the snow.  Luckily, Greg was able to pick up Ellie from school (she also gets out at 3) while I waited to get Cece off of the bus.  We met at the pediatrician for Cece's 3 year old well child check, plus shots (because she hadn't been traumatized enough for one day...).

Ellie had been able to dress up with her favorite sports team for red ribbon week.  We found one of Daddy's Cowboys shirts, and it was long enough to be a dress.  We added a sparkly silver belt and she loved it.

Waiting for the bus again, and Cece loved writing on the magna doodle that {R} gave her for her birthday.  She is really good at writing C's.

Lynnie has been home sick all week, but today felt enough better to sit up at the table and play a little.

Cece is really good at cutting with scissors, and she loves to practice.

Keeping themselves entertained while watching Ellie's gymnastics class.

The reports from school are getting better.  Cece and I are both getting in the routine.  One of the biggest changes is that she doesn't nap, except for a little nap, maybe 20-30 minutes, on the bus ride home.  She gets picked up at 7:45 a.m. and gets home around 3 p.m.  Going from 1-2 hour naps a day to 20 minutes has been quite the adjustment.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cecilia is 3 Years Old

Happy birthday to this sweet, spunky, stubborn, sweet girl!  Cece is quick to laugh and has a sunny, engaging personality.  She likes things to go a certain way and gets mad if things don't go the way she thinks they should.  She is a joy and we are so grateful to be a part of her life.

Helping decorate for her party.

After getting everything all ready, it was time for a birthday photo shoot.

 This smart girl remembered the stickers we used to use and wanted to find one to wear.  I only have numbers for the months up to 24 months, so we improvised.

 Cece's hair is the best!

Then it was party time!  Grandma, Grandpa, Tammy and Daniel came, along with {R} and her boyfriend, and {R}'s sister and niece.  It was a great party.

After eating some snacks, it was present time.  Cece loved this awesome dress-up from {R}.

Ellie and Lynnie decorated the cake.

This was my favorite gift -- a playset with Doc McStuffins and the doll she gets for her adopted baby sister -- a doll she named Cece.

{R} is amazing!  We love every chance we have to see her and hang out.

After the party, tired Cece took a nap, and Greg played in the snow with the big girls.

What a great day to celebrate Cece and the wonder of her life.

. : playing with Doc and Cece before bedtime : .


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