Friday, January 20, 2017

January 11 - 20

Mom gave me some gift cards to Swig for Christmas, and I finally put it to good use, with a Raspberry Dream (coconut cream, raspberry puree, and Diet Dr Pepper).  Yummy!

Cece and I got to go and see Lynnie's final Spanish class in kindergarten.  It was fun to see her Spanish teacher in action and how many words and phrases Lynnie learned this year.

 The learning outcomes from Kindergarten:

Amy had the fantastic idea to visit Ellie and Lynnie's classrooms while she was here and do an activity.  I got it arranged with their teachers, and she did her thing, teaching about places she's lived and some folk songs from those areas.  The children loved it! 

She talked about Russia in Kindergarten (to 3 classes all at once) and taught them a Russian folk song, complete with a partner dance.  It was so much fun! (left left left, right right right, knees knees knees, something something something -- loved the choreography)

 In Eliana's 2nd grade class, they are older and there were less children, and Amy had more time, so she was able to read them Tikki Tikki Tembo and talk about China, and then show them her Russian nesting dolls and talk about Russia, and teach them the same Russian folk song, with harder choreography.

Find a new partner!

Albert and Kanisha came and picked up Lynlee from school and took her to play for the afternoon at the mall, and Amy, Cece and I went to JCWs for a burger before Amy headed to get on the airplane.

Lynlee was excited for me to be a chaperone on her field trip to the Bean Museum.  No, really, she was.  She just wasn't excited to take a selfie with me on the bus.

Silly girl!

Lynlee drew a self portrait...

We got to see a live animal demonstration and even pet a tortoise.

Part of the sad day was that our group had Lynlee's friend Taegen, and then 3 girls that she didn't know from the afternoon class.  They were nice, but it made an interesting dynamic to meld the 5 little girls together.

Mom, take a picture of me and my babies!

Riding in the truck is always fun.

Grandma, Grandpa, Daniel and Tammy are home from their travels and we finally had some time to take them their Christmas presents.

Tammy likes to turn their clock on for the youngest ones.  Cece was cute, waving at the dancing cuckoo bird.

This iron rod was Ellie's idea and she saw it through from conception to execution.

She even found "fruit" for them to pick off the tree.

Watching movies is even better when you snuggle in Cece's bed.  After Cece pulled out her blinds on multiple days, I swapped her bed with the doll house (see the picture above).  But then Cece could turn the lights on and off, so that didn't work very well, and I ended up moving her bed back to the middle of the wall, and moving her dresser over.

The problem with this set up is that it is difficult to change Cece, because she is way to big for the top of the dresser now, and her legs can't hang off the end.  She has adapted by just holding her legs up, or resting them on the wall, so it has worked out okay.  Now she cannot reach the blinds or the light switch.  But she can climb out of bed.  But she is a good girl and doesn't do that very often.


 Pretending to be asleep.

The last meeting we had with Lori, our PIP person, consisted of Lori evaluating Cece on how many ASL words she knows in both expressive and receptive language.  Normal levels for her age are the red shaded area, and Cece scored right there on expressive.  For the receptive test, Cece was pretty much done and stopped cooperating.  I know that she knows more words than she showed, but it is what it is.

Grandma Camp couldn't make it to Cece's birthday party, so she came over the night before to give Cece her awesome presents.

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