Monday, January 9, 2017

January 5 - 9

The girls loved the alpaca I finished for Sarah late, late, the night before, and carried it around all day.

 Getting ready to go to Grandma's house to open presents with Amber, Travis, and Sarah.  Lynnie had dibs on Jabba the Hutt.

Present opening time was fun!  Cece was so confused, though, why only Amber, Travis and Sarah had any presents to open.  We have had a lot of practice opening presents lately, and it was hard the 2 year old to watch and be happy for the big kids.

 Playing with Grandma's toys was much more fun for Cece!

Doing Play Doh is the best -- especially when it is early in the morning on a Saturday and Daddy is still asleep.

Tammy gave Cece this giant pack of cars at Christmas, and Cece loves to carry them around and play with them.

 A family trip to Walmart to pick up some groceries.  Cece likes to ride in the big part of the cart, and doesn't seem to mind having stuff piled all around her.

Part of the reason for shopping at Walmart was to pick up a new dance outfit for Lynlee, which she had to try on as soon as we got home.  As a family, we are trying to strike a balance between having chores/responsibilities and activities, and having time to play with sisters and friends, without being too busy.  The girls are learning two musical instruments, and sometimes daily practicing gets frustrating and hard.  I like them to only play with friends on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays, and reserve the rest of the time for family.  And they each have one class that is an active class.  Lynlee was not a fan of gymnastics for the past year and a half, so she was super excited to change to dance.

Lynlee picked out a rainbow loom accessory kit as her gift to Ellie on Christmas.  We discovered a problem after opening it, when we realized it was a refill kit with rubber bands and charms for bracelets, and did not contain an actual rainbow loom.  We picked one up on our Walmart trip and Ellie instantly made 10 bracelets.

Cece was wearing her zebra costume and Lynnie hopped right on.  Who knew it was a two-person toy?

So excited and ready for dance class!

After class, we stopped by the library.  We haven't been to our library in a long time, since Ellie and Lynnie check out books at the school library.  After wandering around for a while and seeing all of the changes, the girls each picked out some Rainbow Magic Fairy books to bring home.

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