Monday, February 20, 2017

February 12 - 20

Cutest cowgirl I've ever seen!

Ellie loves her dolls.  She has amassed quite a collection of dolls and accessories over the past few years.  We decided to dedicate a whole section of the playroom to her dolls, and she created this "nursery" out of the train table.  It was a fun project for a few hours to clean and organize all of her treasures.

When I used to teach piano, I used these white boards all the time.  They have been stored behind the piano, and one of the girls found them and dragged them out.  It has led to hours of play time and drawing, and it is awesome.

Those are some awesome prices, especially for the drinks.

Lynlee's tooth is super wiggly.

Cece doesn't go to preschool on Mondays, and instead we meet with our deaf mentor, Ariana, in the morning, and then go to meet with Cece's preschool teacher for therapy/parent conference/IEP/whatever is needed in the afternoon.  Ariana is amazing.  She comes (almost) every week for an hour and teaches Cece and I sign language.  Sometimes we have formal lessons, with flashcards or pages of notes. Sometimes we play games.  And sometimes, Ariana brings an activity.  She spoiled us with cookie dough and cool cookie cutters for a Valentine's Day activity.  It is fun to practice vocabulary in a more natural setting, like cooking.

  Cute girls hanging out in their sleeping bags.

So much fun to help with Valentine's Day parties at school, and to capture this sweetness on the way out.

Trying to get some "love photos" to send to {R} and this is all Cece would do for me!

We met Greg for an early dinner before he went to his basketball game.  It was hard to get the girls to focus on taking a picture, they were so excited about our day of celebrations!

Love this picture by Lynlee.  She drew a bear, Num Num (her rabbit that Ellie gave her for Christmas), a turtle, Puppy, a tooth, and a BFF heart.

Ellie finally completed 10,000 down bow plate circles.  She got a treat at group lesson for turning in her plate.

 Cece has discovered a new game at violin, crawling under the line of chairs.

Looking all fancy in her new outfit from Kanisha.

Lynlee got to help me at the Book Fair.  She did great the first day, but the second day dragged a little for her.  She entertained herself for about 45 minutes taking pictures of Princess, her dog, with various items around the Fair.  These are my favorites.

More happy news from school.

Cece drew this and signed ELEPHANT.

Lynlee lost her first tooth!

Paint makes great nail polish.

In heaven because Lynlee let her wear the dolphin earrings.

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