Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 20 - 28

I love spontaneity like this when it works out.  {R} texted me in the morning and said she had the day off of work (Presidents' Day) and could she take Cece on a date?  OF COURSE!  They had a great few hours together, and I loved the pictures {R} sent of their adventures.

{R} bought Cece this great purse and some awesome heart sunglasses.

Cece had to take that purse with her every where, including dance class later that day.

Ellie needed to have a {T} fix, so we arranged to meet her at her daughter's gymnastics class.  These sisters sure are sweet together.  Ellie loves that she is the oldest sister in our family and in {T}'s family.

Still rocking her glasses, right before bedtime.

Field tripping with Ellie's class was a delight!  We went to see "Alice in Wonderland" at the SCERA and it was very well done.

Saturday was one of those days that was packed to the brim with fun activities.  Lynlee, Cece, and I took in the Dinosaur Museum.

Meanwhile, Ellie was with Greg and Tammy in Twin Falls, as they had a tournament to referee.  She did awesome with the 9 hours of driving (round-trip) and 6 hours of games to watch.  Tammy sent me lots of great pictures.

During Cece's nap, I worked on a doll for Ellie.  It looked pretty strange only halfway done.

Albert and Kanisha took Lynlee to her cousin's birthday party at Classic Skating.  It was the first time Lynlee had been roller skating and she loved it!

They were super nice and rented one of these white things for her.

Cece has been going to school for a month now, and we have the routine down.  Her bus pick-up and drop-off times are fairly consistent, within a couple of minutes.  That has been nice to know what to expect.  Usually we get Cece on the bus and then Greg takes the big girls to school and goes on to work.  This particular morning, the bus wasn't coming, and wasn't coming, and wasn't coming.  Greg took the girls to school and came back home.  I finally texted the bus driver after Greg had gone and she was 15 minutes late.  And woke Kena up.  She felt terrible at not waking up, but it was no big deal.  Things happen!  Greg offered to drive Cece to school, which was fun for him because he hadn't seen her classroom or met her teacher yet.  Cece loved driving in Daddy's truck.

Last time we were at Hobby Lobby, the girls talked me into buying them fancy brads.  Lots of fun projects using them are floating around the house.

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Elizabeth said...

Yay for more blog posts! I love reading what your girls and you are up to. I miss you, my friend!!


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