Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 5 - 11

Ellie got called up during Singing Time to be a Choose The Right Knight. Sister Williams sent me this picture.

Cece has figured out how to crawl out of her bed.  I keep trying to catch her in action, but this was right after.  I love this picture:  her ultimate bedhead, the collection of things on her pillow that she has to have to sleep (her crocheted dolls, the little plastic princesses, the glass rocks, and her blue phone).

Cece was so excited to match her doll Chloe.

Lynlee got to be Starfish and she worked hard on her picture and list all about her.  This came home in homework folder on Monday in preparation for her presentation on Friday.

I am 6 years old
My favorite color is pink
I love Puppy
A word that describes me is Happy
One thing I don't like is Snakes
I want to be a Unicorn when I grow up

Some of Cece's latest art creations.

The girls earn a prize after practicing their violin 16 times.  Theoretically, if we practiced 5-7 days a week like we are supposed to, it would only take 2.5 weeks to earn something.  But since we generally practice 2-4 days a week, it takes over a month.  Ellie was very excited to pick out this bird that repeats what you say.

Lynlee was not at all excited to play in the Suzuki Graduation program.  She graduated from the Twinkles. It was torture as she waited for the END of the program to play her song (Twinkles were last).   I put Ellie in charge of taking pictures, and Lynlee and I headed backstage when it was finally her turn.

Ellie took this picture of the Twinkles group, and was very concerned that she couldn't see Lynlee on stage.

Lynlee wasn't on the stage, because she had a full on panic attack.  I tried hard to get her to line up and go on stage. We settled on being tricky and playing in the wings where no one could see her.   I call that a win!

It was finally time for Starfish day!  Lynlee was very excited that Mom and Dad got to come and watch.  Daddy drove the girls like normal, and I got Cece on the bus and then hurried to school.

Lynlee stood in front of her class and explained her papers, and then...

...talked about the treasures she brought.  She brought her caboodle, and ...

...her crawling Baby Alive, and ...

...Puppy.  Her favorite things!  Mrs Holmgren told me she has never heard Lynlee talk this much at once.  Lynnie prides herself on being quiet and listening, and not being noisy at school.

Then her classmates got to ask her questions.  It was cute to hear what they came up with and how Lynnie answered.

After we got home, Lynlee drew a picture of being Starfish.

Some random pictures taken by Lynlee:

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Elizabeth said...

I want to be a unicorn 🦄 too 😉 So cute!


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