Saturday, March 11, 2017

Baby Signing Time Volume 5

The girls got the chance to be filmed for a new Baby Signing Time video, expected to be released this Fall.  We put on our favorite outfits and headed out.

We got there nice and early, and waited for a few minutes in the lobby.  Then the hair/make-up artist came out of the studio and fixed up Ellie's and Lynlee's hair.  They all got a quick dash of lip gloss as well.  (I loved that they didn't use make-up on this show with kids for kids.)  Another woman evaluated their outfits and decided we should change Ellie and Cece.

Then it was our turn!  The girls were a little star struck meeting Rachel.

It was an interesting experience.  More hard work than anything.  The crew kept it light and fun, but there was lots of "let's do that again!  smile more!  don't forget to look right at the camera!"  The amazing thing to me is what the videographer told me they can do in editing.  The girls are sitting next to each other but not touching, so they can split the screen in 3 parts.  They can use just one girl out of the three, or speed up and slow down each person in order to synchronize the timing and make it look like they are all signing simultaneously.  I cannot wait to see how it all turns out!  They promised that every child will be in the video at least twice. They filmed 60 families, so there will be lots of children to choose from in their editing.

After our turn, we took some selfies with Rachel and we were on our way.  What a day!

This one is from the Signing Time Facebook page:

After that hard work, we needed some relaxation in the hot tub with friends.

And some sister snuggles in Ellie's bed.

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