Friday, March 10, 2017

March 1 - 10

I usually cut the girls' fruit into slices, but Cece insisted on eating her pear like this.  She was pretty proud of herself.

After changing her pants, she got busy playing with her cars.  This girl loves her cars.  She lines them up, and then puts them back in her pink bus.  Then pulls them out and lines them up again.

The girls love when they get to dress up for school.  It was Super Hero day, and they loved putting together their Super Dog and Super Turtle outfits.

Ellie, what are you doing?

Selfie by Ellie

Cece found some make-up and had a good time putting it on.

Lynlee took pictures of her favorite things.  And she placed each picture in this collage.

Cece dressed up as Elsa and was enjoying her reflection in the fireplace.  To say their names, Cece will fingerspell Anna while saying it pretty clearly; and she throws her arms to the side and says "let it go" for Elsa.

I don't remember why Lynlee had a bandaid on her nose (probably a pretend owie), but I love her expression!

Where is Ellie?

Where did she go?

Here she is!  And all of the girls were wearing their pink princess nightgowns -- first time they've ever worn them all at the same time.

Ellie has a new friend at school (she started just a little while ago) and they wanted a play date.  Jacquelyn lives on the top of Suncrest.  We dropped Ellie off, and rather than going home for an hour, Lynlee, Cece, and I took a quick trip to the Dinosaur Museum.  There was this giant lizard that we had never seen before.

Mom:  Girls, act like the shark is going to get you!
Lynlee: {obediently follows instructions}
Cece:  What Lynlee doing?

. : still acting scared : .

Lynlee loves Utah Lake, and pointing it out every time she sees it.  She loved this view of the lake from the bottom of Jacquelyn's driveway.

Field trip!  I got to go with Ellie's class to the Clark Planetarium.  The exhibits are free, and then the school paid for us to see 2 movies and a presentation with a scientist.

The first movie was in the dome part, and it reminded me of field trips I took as a kid to the planetarium, and seeing the stars all around me.  The movie was fascinating and took us on a journey through the solar system.  It also made me motion sick (a new occurrence as I get older) and I had to close my eyes for most of it.  And I may have fallen asleep for a while...

In between movies, we wandered around to see the exhibits.  There was an indoor playground that the children happily played on for about 15 minutes.  It had some of those swinging, padded things, and a boy from another school swung it hard into Ellie's face (on purpose, she said).  Luckily she had glasses, because they took the brunt of the impact.  Her glasses scratched her face and she had a bruise for a couple of days.

Needless to say, that put a damper on Ellie's excitement for the field trip, but she tried hard to have a good time even though her face hurt.

Meanwhile, back at home, Lynlee had played with Grandma after Kindergarten.  Grandma was really nice and took her to Wendy's for a treat.  After I got home and Grandma left, it was time to take Lynlee to her music class.  Lynlee was freaking out and telling me that she didn't feel good.  Sometimes she says that when she doesn't want to do something, so I didn't really believe her.  I thought she just wanted some Mommy-time and was refusing on principle.  We were already late for her class, when Lynlee ran into the bathroom and threw up.  Poor girl!  She actually was sick.  I set her up on the chair and she slept for hours.  We think she got food poisoning, because she was fine the next day and never threw up again.

Miss Sheryl and I laughingly agreed that it was a good thing I didn't make Lynlee go to class on time, because she would have never made it up the stairs to Miss Sheryl's bathroom...

Cece played quietly and kept Lynlee company.

The sink in the master bathroom was leaking, so I took a picture to send to our plumber.  He came and fixed it and all is well again.

Lynlee comes with me to help in Ellie's classroom a few times a month.  We help with centers, usually doing spelling words with 3 different groups of children on their rotations.  When we got there, they were finishing up another activity.  Ellie was done, so she quietly grabbed Lynlee and read her a story.

. : waiting for Cece's bus : .

We found some "Mia and Me" pictures, printed them out, and turned them in to badges.

Cece took this picture of her view at violin group lessons.

Quiet time with Lynlee in the afternoons is the best!

Her love rock project from school.

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