Monday, March 20, 2017

March 17 - 20

. : breaking in the new couch with a family movie night : .

No night is complete without some funny selfies next to a sleeping Cece.

. : waiting for daddy so we can start doing yard work : .

The girls jumped right in and helped pretty well for about half an hour before they drifted away to play.

We even put our neighbor to work.

After a day spent outside, we got cleaned up and headed to the girls' violin recital.  Lynlee played the first 3 songs and Ellie played 5.

Albert & Kanisha came to watch, and afterwards we headed to Cafe Rio for a quick bite. Except the line was super long, and poor Cece was sad about waiting... We were trying to hurry because Ellie was going to a play that night with Rachel and Hannah and the rest of the Tophams.  We ended up getting Ellie to the school with about one minute to spare, and then the Tophams brought her home.

Kanisha brought Lynlee this beautiful rose.

Cece wasn't feeling well, but we were going to power through and go to church anyway...until the vomit happened.  I quickly found a substitute and we had church at home.  Well, if you can call it church when you watch "church movies" like the Living Scriptures and Once There Was A Beehive.

Cece had recovered enough by the afternoon that we braved going to Grandma's monthly dinner.  And we delivered our couches to Mom's garage, where she will store them until Lyssa and Gordon move into their apartment.  It was nice to get them out of our family room, where we had wall to wall couches.

Adam and Lauren prepared a delicious Irish dinner, complete with corned beef that Adam had aged and smoked and brined (or whatever it is you do) all by himself.  Did I mention delicious? It was amazing.

The girls are experts at getting Addie to laugh at them.

Ellie organized a Sister Spa Day that was highly successful -- full of giggles and picture-worthy moments.
Cece was not a fan of the cucumbers, and wanted no part of that idea.

Cucumbers Round 2

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