Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 23 - 27

Cece played by me for a long time in Primary today.  She told me her dolls were a mommy and a daddy and she kept on having them kiss.

Lynlee gave us a concert on her ukulele -- which she calls her "WHO-ka-lay-lee".

Dance class is wrapping up for the spring.  The girls are getting ready for their recital in a couple of weeks.  Lots of excitement as Miss Shanda invited the moms in to see a preview of their routine.

We are not big cereal eaters, but Ellie got Cece to try a bowl of Cheerios, with milk.  She only ate it this one time.

Lynlee came home from kindergarten and wanted to be Princess Elena.  So we curled her hair and did a photo shoot.

Just working on her computer.

Lynlee brought out her Hermione doll since I was working on Harry Potter dolls for her cousins.  It was the first time I had put on doll hair, and I didn't do a great job.  We decided to redo it with the cool yarn we used on the three baby dolls.  I spent around 90 minutes getting the hair on.

Lynlee took Hermione for a bike ride.

When Cece got off the bus she was inconsolably sad, so I rocked her in the chair and made her take a nap.  While I was occupied...

...Lynlee found a stray hair that was longer than the rest.  Rather than bringing it to me, she decided to trim it herself.  And ended up giving Hermione quite the haircut.

90 minutes of work for about an hour of play.....

I love it when Cece's teacher sends me pictures from school.  They had a a picnic under the table.

The next day, Cece and Megan were engaging in cooperative play, which is quite a step for two 3 year olds!  These are the cutest little BFFs around.

What a cute Moana!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Good Day

We have been experimenting with sprouting.  Ellie decided that she likes the alfalfa sprouts, but not the broccoli, lentil, or bean sprouts.  Alfalfa are my favorite as well.  We are following the procedures from an ebook written by our friend Kenny Bunnell (which I cannot find on amazon right now to link...).  Here is what is left behind after I pulled out the sprouts to sit in the sun for an hour.

Someone had a fun time being a photographer this morning!

Ellie had her last LPM recital, where she celebrated completing the 3 year program, and played an original composition.

She was especially proud of being the fastest member of the "In A Flash" club, clocking in at only 22 seconds!  She worked hard on her flashcards, and it shows.  She could name all of the notes from bass G to Treble F, plus the sharp, flat, and natural signs in that time.  

Miss Sheryl gave lots of awards and treats -- and hugs!

Ellie was part of Miss Sheryl's first LPM class to go through the whole program, so the occasion had to be commemorated with a class photo.

Jackson, Ryker, Ellie, Kara, Miss Sheryl, Brinley, Eliana, Annie, and Juni

After the recital, we stopped by the Perkins' house to deliver our baby gift.  They invited us in and we stayed for over an hour, seeing the nursery and chatting.  They are the nicest family!

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 17 - 21

I needed to get a new pair of little sewing scissors, and we waited for (what seemed like) forever for a sales associate to come and unlock them for us.  Good thing these girls can entertain themselves and me.

Lynlee loved playing with these two monkeys.

I have learned that I love making amigurumis, but I love them more when they are littler and get finished more quickly.

The girls' dolls are about as big as I ever want to go again.

Lynlee's last LPM class for the year was a success!  She has learned a lot this year and grown through her practicing.  This girl has music in her soul.

The next day was Ellie's last LPM class, for ever!  Her thank you note was pretty epic.

The last class of every semester is a Station Day, where you rotate and participate in different activities.  The most important one is doing an assessment with Miss Sheryl to see how much you learned that semester.  Ellie enjoyed reviewing the Red Balloons songbook.

 There is an LPM teacher in Orem that is piloting a new "Bridge" course that extends LPM for another 9 months, bridging the gap between the LPM group class/musicianship concept with private piano lessons.  We toyed with the idea of signing up for that next year, but ultimately decided to spend less time on running around to activities, to have more time at home to practice, do homework, and maybe get to play with friends after school on a day other than Friday.

Look at the beautiful mermaid who came to visit me today!

It is time for this growing girl to get a new violin!  We traded in her 1/8th size for a 1/4.  Grandma helped us with the timing, so that Ellie would have plenty of time to get used to the bigger violin before the recital in a month and violin camp in two months.


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