Friday, April 14, 2017

April 12 - 14

The girls' school asks for parents to volunteer 40 hours during the year per child at the school.  I got so close this year, with 75ish hours.  One of the best and most fun ways to get chunks of time is to be a field trip chaperone.  I went with Eliana's class to the People and Cultures Museum, and the Bean Museum both free at and BYU.

At the first museum, our group liked assembling a broken pot the best.

Such cute friends in her class.

The girls were very concerned that this animal fallen off of its perch.  When we came back an hour later, it was all fixed.

The live animal presentation was awesome. The guy told them all to cover their eyes while he brought out ... a lizard!

They got to pet the lizard on the way out.

Up to this point in the year, Mrs D has assigned the field trip groups.  This time, she had the kids pick their own groups.  This (inadvertently) caused a lot of stress to Ellie.  The mom of one of the other girls in her "club" was also being a chaperone, so the other three girls chose that group.  They told Ellie that the other mom was more fun than me.  I am fine with being the "mean" mom, but it hurt Ellie's feelings.  After the live animal show, we had about 30 minutes before lunch.  We had already been through the whole Bean museum, so I suggested we walk over to the Creamery, and I would get them all an ice cream cone.  On our way, I overheard Ellie telling one of the girls in our group, "see, I told you my mom was fun!"

Cece's favorite game is Easter Egg Hunt.  She hides/lines up her eggs, and then puts them in her basket, and then starts over again.

The girls wanted to go in the hot tub by themselves, but I was not ready to give them that much autonomy.  We compromised by having me sit inside next to the window, where I could watch them.

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Elizabeth said...

If you're not the fun mom, I'm not sure what that makes me because you are way cooler than I am!! ;)


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