Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Break

We started off Spring Break by heading to hang out with {T} for an hour during her daughter's gymnastics class.  Lynlee usually has dance class at the same time, but she was off for the break, so it was perfect.  Ellie often really misses {T} and this was just what she needed.  We snapped some silly pictures before heading home.  Ellie loved that Cece was (randomly) wearing the shirt that Grandma Linda had bought for Lynlee last year for a grandkids photo shoot.

On Tuesday, we headed to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  When we saw how long the line was just to get in, we almost bailed.  But we persevered and had some fun despite the crowds.  First up was a music activity, where they sang songs and played with instruments.

Then we headed to Water Works, where it wasn't that busy. We hung out there for over an hour, and the girls busily built the whole time.

Ellie worked very hard on this channel, and she would get so frustrated because it felt like every time she turned around to fix one part, another child would come and take some of it apart.  We talked about sharing and how she needed to get everyone together on a team so they could all work together and build something better, and not be "stealing" parts from each other.  She mustered the troops and it was much more successful.

Cece played pretty much the whole time with this ball. 

Our last stop was the shapes room, where they climbed on this cool structure.

This is as far as Cece made it -- it was pretty squinchy inside.

We had to get ice cream at Thanksgiving Point, of course.

That night was Ellie's first time going to a new gymnastics class.  We decided to try sitting upstairs.  It was awesome!  We had a great view of the whole gym and it was not nearly as crowded. 

Photo credit: Cece

Ellie is now on Level 3, pre-team.

Sometimes Cece works her daddy and gets lots of snuggles on the couch.  I also love this picture because it shows our favorite snuggle blanket, one made by my friend Kandice years ago.  It has a sewn in pocket so you can fold it all up into a pillow.  Greg just uses the pocket to put his feet in.  It is starting to get worn on some of the edges, and we are sad to think that it's life is almost over...

We started the next morning out crafting, cutting out paper dolls we found online.

Then it was off to Farm Country.  Spring Break lines are awesome.  The girls are finally big enough that they can roam without me, so I stood in the Pony Ride line and watched as they meandered around the square looking at all of the animals.

After a while, they came and hung out with me.  It's fun to watch the ponies.

It was finally our turn!  Ellie wanted the biggest pony, and Lynlee wanted the littlest.

This was the only picture I snapped of Cece before she needed me to hold on to her. After a while, I let go and she rode by herself (first time!)

Then it was off to wait for the wagon ride.  We waited while the driver watered the horses, which took at least 20 minutes.  It was quite the process:  she parked the horses, walked back over to the barn, came back out with giant buckets, filled them one at a time, and took them over to the horses.  Then she had to take everything back and put it all away.

Finally, it was our turn and it was super fun!  (P.S., what's up with the lips, Ellie?  You're killing me!)

We loved playing with our cousins that night.  The kids happily played in the backyard for hours.

On Thursday, we took a trip to the aquarium with Grandma, Lauren, and Addie.

The penguins were really active and a hit, but Addie was a bigger draw than any animals.

Lynlee even let Addie play with Rosie for a minute.  That's true love.

Maybe Cece was more interested in the penguins than the baby...

Ellie was able to reach this starfish.  That was fun, since usually they are too far away to reach.

It was a great Spring Break!  These girls are so fun to do things with.

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