Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 29 - April 2

I randomly tweaked my back last Sunday, just leaning over to pick up my Primary Songbook.  It was bad enough that I was having trouble walking.  Greg found me a massage therapist to go to, and came home to meet Lynlee as she got dropped off from Kindergarten carpool.  I drove past this intersection and had to take a picture.  The massage helped.  It was more PT than anything and hurt a lot while it was happening, but I could at least walk afterwords.

It was RA night at Classic Skating, which meant we got in for free.  We rented our skates (roller blades for Eliana) and had fun. Cece wasn't sure what to think about her first time on roller skates.  She tried it for a few minutes, but was mostly content to watch everyone else skate.

 Before we left, we snagged all of our school besties for a picture.  Lynlee was mad because we were leaving...

Just some random pictures of our new couch, and Lynlee with all of the girls' crocheted dolls.  Lynlee and I love hanging out while the other two are at school.

 Ellie really wanted her doll done first. And then after I finished Lynlee's doll, Ellie said she wished she had been last, because I got better on each doll.

This came home in Ellie's backpack today.  Melt my heart sweet.

One of the girls' April Fools jokes.  They were planning things for months, and so excited when the day finally arrived.

I don't even remember what Cece used this time...

Attending General Conference, Sunday morning, at the church.

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