Friday, May 5, 2017


I love it when schedules line up and we can make everything work.  On this Thursday night, Cece had a preschool program and Lynlee had a dance recital dress rehearsal. Cece's program was  at 5, and Lynlee's rehearsal was at 7:15.  We were lucky to be able to do both, and Greg was able to come to Cece's program because it was so early.

Cece waited anxiously with her class for their turn to go on stage.

Candis (her teacher kneeling in front) and Ashley (her aide) had a fun challenge with this class.  They ranged in age from Megan and Cece at barely 5, to Gwen and James that were 5 and being prepped for kindergarten.  Not only were there varying levels of skill with listening and spoken language (LSL), but varying levels of skill in letter recognition and other pre-k skills.

Candis made some cute display boards.

Lynlee was rocking it on the stage at her dress rehearsal.  She was confident and having a lot of fun up there.

Pictures afterwards were fun.  I did purchase pictures, so I felt justified in snapping some "previews."

Friday night was the recital.  Lynlee's class was dancing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and got to go second.  Albert and Kanisha were coming but stuck in traffic. I messed up my camera somehow and thought I was videotaping the dance but ended up with 3 blurry pictures like this instead:

Albert and Kanisha got there halfway through the 3rd dance of the night...  Lynlee was happy to reenact her dance afterwards when we went out for ice cream.  I was so proud of how well she danced!  She was excited and confident and did all of the moves.  She has come so far from her dance recital in 2014. 

Here's the dress rehearsal in 2017.

And here's my favorite from 2014.  I love how real Ellie and Lynlee both were on this stage!

Ice cream afterwards was a treat.

Cece had fun dancing around, and ...

...pretending to be a puppy.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 29 - May 4

We enjoyed watching Lynlee confidently perform at her Let's Play Music recital.  She has had a good year and loves going to music class.

It was late in the afternoon and Cece crashed hard.  Ellie was sitting in the row behind us with Albert and Kanisha.

Singing "Do, a deer, a female deer."  Caught her on "la."

Miss Sheryl is the best!

I love open adoption.  Immediately on coming off of the stage, Lynlee gave me a high five and went right into Albert's arms for a gigantic hug.  So precious.

A & K took the big girls out for ice cream afterwards.  And apparently, Kanisha shared some lip stick!

Silly girl likes to get herself dressed.

I like to make photo books of the girls for Christmas presents, and I like it even more when they look at them and we talk about stories from when they were babies.  So far, I have the birth story books done for all of the girls, and then 0-1, 1-2, and 2-3 for Ellie and Lynlee.  I need to get Cece caught up to there, and then keep going forward for all of them.

. : funny sisters : .

It's Lynlee's turn for a new violin!

And roller skates.

The girls practiced in the house for a while before declaring their new skates/blades outdoor toys.

 Cece loves to take pictures of Ellie at gymnastics.

Lulu made it outside on her roller skates.

An impulse buy from Costco -- matching roller skate pajamas.  They are just too perfect.

Cece's new skates arrived from amazon, and she was thrilled.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 23 - 27

Cece played by me for a long time in Primary today.  She told me her dolls were a mommy and a daddy and she kept on having them kiss.

Lynlee gave us a concert on her ukulele -- which she calls her "WHO-ka-lay-lee".

Dance class is wrapping up for the spring.  The girls are getting ready for their recital in a couple of weeks.  Lots of excitement as Miss Shanda invited the moms in to see a preview of their routine.

We are not big cereal eaters, but Ellie got Cece to try a bowl of Cheerios, with milk.  She only ate it this one time.

Lynlee came home from kindergarten and wanted to be Princess Elena.  So we curled her hair and did a photo shoot.

Just working on her computer.

Lynlee brought out her Hermione doll since I was working on Harry Potter dolls for her cousins.  It was the first time I had put on doll hair, and I didn't do a great job.  We decided to redo it with the cool yarn we used on the three baby dolls.  I spent around 90 minutes getting the hair on.

Lynlee took Hermione for a bike ride.

When Cece got off the bus she was inconsolably sad, so I rocked her in the chair and made her take a nap.  While I was occupied...

...Lynlee found a stray hair that was longer than the rest.  Rather than bringing it to me, she decided to trim it herself.  And ended up giving Hermione quite the haircut.

90 minutes of work for about an hour of play.....

I love it when Cece's teacher sends me pictures from school.  They had a a picnic under the table.

The next day, Cece and Megan were engaging in cooperative play, which is quite a step for two 3 year olds!  These are the cutest little BFFs around.

What a cute Moana!


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