Sunday, April 16, 2017


The Easter bunny usually comes to our house on Saturday morning.  Daddy is home then, and we like to be able to focus on Easter baskets one day, and the Savior the next day.  However, Mommy wasn't feeling very good Friday night and went to bed around 7:30.  Somehow, the Easter bunny forgot to come a day early.  After the girls got over their disappointment, they helped me make pancakes for breakfast and gooey butter for the Easter Egg hunt.

The girls can never get enough of the bottom layer of the gooey butter.  They would eat it by the spoonful if I would let them.  Well,usually I do let them have one spoonful each. But they are always begging for more!

Our Easter celebrations started off with the annual egg hunt at Todd and Rachel's house.  We love this event and look forward to it every year!

The attendees are a mix of Spencers and Wendts (Rachel's family).  This year, the girls loved playing with Scott and Kari's kids -- not really cousins, but we call them cousins anyway.  They are our cousin's cousins!  They spent a long time on the trampoline.  I was impressed how they took turns jumping, and everyone else patiently waited.

Next up was dying the eggs.

This activity required some serious supervision.

More seriousness...

Then Rachel gathered the children to talk about Jesus and why Easter is so important.  As part of her lesson, she showed them the video "He is Risen."  Ellie kind of hates this video because she hates when Jesus is crucified.  It really hurts her heart.

Take a look at those faces, intently watching.

While we were talking about Jesus and His resurrection, the big kids were hiding the eggs all over the yard.  When they were done, it was time for the hunt.  Cece got to lead out this year, and she found the first egg right by the door.  Tylan was her special helper, and he was so sweet with her.

Lynlee insisted that Daddy be her special helper.

Ellie teamed up with Cassie, and was out of the door so fast when the "biggest" of the little kids were set free.

There were some pretty ingenious hiding places this year, including using lots of the parked cars.

One of my favorite moments was when Ellie spotted these eggs in the shed door.  Tylan quickly yelled that he was bringing Cece over to get those, and Ellie just immediately backed up to watch Cece find them.

Cece is signing "candy."

At bedtime, we talked more about Easter and watched a few more videos about Easter Sunday and the resurrection.  We love the Bible videos and watch them often.

On Sunday morning, Greg had a few meetings but thought he could be home between 7:30-8.  The girls were up at 6:30, and were anxiously awaiting his arrival so we could look for the Easter baskets. To stay distracted, they took pictures, and ...
...drew on chalkboards, and ...

... looked at some Chatbooks, and ...

... tried to wait patiently.  Finally, at 8:50, Daddy got home.

The girls immediately took him over to the Easter Bunny's sign, and the search for their baskets was on!

The Easter bunny brought Ellie and Lynlee some Lego sets (lots of bricks, and not a specific set -- so they can free build more) and Cece some kinetic sand.

I love that the sand was in her hair.

After playing for a while, it was time for church and then off to Grandma's house for Easter dinner.

Grandma had an Easter craft for the girls, and they loved it.

What an amazing weekend, full of family, and focusing on the Savior.

Friday, April 14, 2017

April 12 - 14

The girls' school asks for parents to volunteer 40 hours during the year per child at the school.  I got so close this year, with 75ish hours.  One of the best and most fun ways to get chunks of time is to be a field trip chaperone.  I went with Eliana's class to the People and Cultures Museum, and the Bean Museum both free at and BYU.

At the first museum, our group liked assembling a broken pot the best.

Such cute friends in her class.

The girls were very concerned that this animal fallen off of its perch.  When we came back an hour later, it was all fixed.

The live animal presentation was awesome. The guy told them all to cover their eyes while he brought out ... a lizard!

They got to pet the lizard on the way out.

Up to this point in the year, Mrs D has assigned the field trip groups.  This time, she had the kids pick their own groups.  This (inadvertently) caused a lot of stress to Ellie.  The mom of one of the other girls in her "club" was also being a chaperone, so the other three girls chose that group.  They told Ellie that the other mom was more fun than me.  I am fine with being the "mean" mom, but it hurt Ellie's feelings.  After the live animal show, we had about 30 minutes before lunch.  We had already been through the whole Bean museum, so I suggested we walk over to the Creamery, and I would get them all an ice cream cone.  On our way, I overheard Ellie telling one of the girls in our group, "see, I told you my mom was fun!"

Cece's favorite game is Easter Egg Hunt.  She hides/lines up her eggs, and then puts them in her basket, and then starts over again.

The girls wanted to go in the hot tub by themselves, but I was not ready to give them that much autonomy.  We compromised by having me sit inside next to the window, where I could watch them.


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