Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bryce & Caitlin

My cute cousin Bryce got married yesterday to Caitlin in the Salt Lake Temple. Greg and I got up and got everything ready to go and headed downtown. As we were approaching the temple, I started to get all of my stuff together to go inside, and I realized I did not have my temple recommend in my wallet.


I had obviously left it in my temple bag from the last time we went to the temple (I do not like to take my purse in with me, cause then I have to check my camera and etc.). I started to panic a little, and Greg totally calmed me down. I called my cute Bishop and he said he was available to talk if the temple needed to call him back.

So we get in the temple, and I filled out a little paper, and talked with a member of the temple presidency, and I was in. No harm - no foul! Luckily, I was early enough that my little mistake did not matter in the grand scheme of things.

It was a nice day, overall. The coolest discovery is that my new cousin's name is now Caitlin Taylor. Our birth mom's name is Tayler Caitlin. Funny, huh!

Lyssa was pretty bored all day - but she managed to keep herself entertained. Mostly.

Adam was nice to take this picture of us, while we were waiting for Bryce & Caitlin to finish taking all of their pictures.

Greg could so be on the cover of GQ!

Da boys! Ryan, Adam, Wes, Greg, and the groom.

Bryce and his brothers - Ryan, Wes, and Russell. Ryan & Russell are both cute (obviously), single, and returned missionaries if anyone is interested! Ryan is 25ish, and Russ is 23ish.

As we were leaving after the wedding luncheon, we pulled up next to my mom and grandma. Grandma came over to talk for another minute, and our conversation went like this:

G: Whew! A Chrysler. This sure is a nice car.
H: Yeah, we've really liked it. It's 11 years old, although it's held up pretty nice for us.
G: Of course it did. It's a Chrysler!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jonette's last day in town...

Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, and Kaysen have been visiting for almost 2 1/2 weeks, but they left this morning to go camping for a week in Jackson Hole with Grandma, Grandpa, Daniel, and Kyle (who is meeting them). We had such a great time getting together and hanging out! It seemed like they were here forever, but it was also way too short...

Last night we hung out with them at Greg's parents' house. Kyralyn is hilarious, and totally Greg's buddy. She just turned 3 and she always wants to know, "Heath-or, whereUn-cle Geg at?"

Memorable events of the night:
~playing Hand & Foot (are you surprised by this one?). Jessica and I were partners, and we actually won! I guess my losing streak is finally over.

~watching Kyralyn "take down" Kiera over and over and over again.

~taking pictures and then having Kyralyn want to see them immediately on the camera
~Kyralyn calling her dad Paul "Paulina"

~listening to Greg tell a funny story about Uncle Glenn almost getting in to a fight on the golf course
~finding out Kaysen did not break a bone or get a concussion after falling HARD off of the trampoline (his foot got stuck in the pad and he face planted - his nose was the sorest casualty)

Family Baby Shower

Tammy and Jonette organized a baby shower for the family last Saturday. I was amazed at how many people showed up! From my side of the family, we had Grandma, Aunt Phyllis, Shayla, Julianne, Aunt Chris, Mom, Bobi, Lyssa, 2 of Lyssa's friends, Robyn, Teri, Amber, and Sarah. From Greg's side, we had Mom, Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kayd, Shannon, Tammy, Tanya, Danette, Aunt Kathy, and Gwen. (And now that I've listed everyone, I really hope I did not forget anybody...)

We ate Tammy's famous chicken pasta salad, and had a cake made by Sister Kirkland. And we got so many fabulous gifts. People were really generous! We got lots of blankets and 2 strollers and a car seat and bottles and wipes and diapers and Baby Magic lotions. Practical things that we will use every day.

Tammy also gave us a Denver Broncos outfit. She is a huge fan - and has a little rivalry with Greg, who likes the Dallas Cowboys. Tammy said that she wants this little girl to come home in this outfit, and Greg said there is no way in you know where that that is going to happen...

Thanks to all who came and supported us!

Friday, July 24, 2009

BBQ with Tayler and her family

Tonight we had the amazing opportunity to have Tayler and her family over to our house for a BBQ. (Can I just say how much Tayler is glowing right now? She was a great sport and let me take this adorable picture).

It was nice to see them all again and to be able to hang out and just get to know each other better. Tayler's sister, Marissa, was not feeling very well, so we almost did not get together, but Marissa was a good sport and they all came anyway.

I am happy to report that Tayler liked the nursery! Linda had fun looking at the baby clothes, and Dan pointed out that we still need a lot of diapers... Matthew had fun playing Bullseye Ball and bowling on the Wii. Dan was amazing on the Wii - he is quite the natural.

Tayler is the ultimate tender mercy in our life. I do not know how to put in to words how grateful we are for her and her gift to us. Tayler is due in 12 days. 12 days! We cannot wait for our lifes to completely change and get turned updside down. It will be awesome!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More fun for Greg's Birthday

Last Saturday we had a bbq and had some of Greg's family + Gwen & Dave over to celebrate his birthday (we didn't discriminate - all of the ones who could come, came!). It is always fun to play with his siblings and the nieces and nephews.

Tanya, Dave, and Andrew came first, and we got to spend about 20 minutes with them before anyone else showed up. They are so much fun to talk to! I have learned so much about how I want to be as a parent by watching them with Andrew. They have figured out how what they want to do, and the direction they want to go, and they recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and they work together. And they have awesome outcomes. Andrew is a great little boy.

It was a relaxing night full of food and visiting and laughing. Kyralyn has been taught how to sing "We Will Rock You" and it is funny to hear her husky, raspy voice singing loud and proud.

After everyone left around 9:45, I started working on my Sharing Time for Primary the next day. Greg whipped out the paper and started looking at movie times. He found that the new Harry Potter movie was playing at 10:20. So, I hopped online and bought tickets and we ran over to the movie.

It was disappointing.

We got home around 1:30, and then I actually did my Sharing Time and got to bed about 2:30. Greg had to get up for early morning meetings, and I woke up with him and then fell back asleep. My alarm went off at 7:30, and I snoozed my alarm just like always. The next thing I knew, it was 8:42. Church starts at 9. I always set up the Primary room.

I made it. And then I realized I had left my Sharing Time stuff on the kitchen counter. Oops. So I ran home and got that, and then I was able to get back to the church and calm down. It was crazy. I never oversleep!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Greg's Birthday - and Kiera shows off her piano skills

Greg's 37th birthday was yesterday (he is sooooo old!). We had a great day. He started it off by getting up at 5:30 and meeting Tammy, Paul, and Dave Dodge for 18 holes of golf. Then, he met most of the fam (Mom, Dad, Daniel, Tammy, Jonette, Kiera, Kaysen, Kent, Jessica, Paul, Kyralyn, and me) for lunch at Paradise Bakery. As we were eating, who should walk in but Gwen and Dave! So we waved them over and we spent an enjoyable hour talking and laughing.

After lunch, Greg and I were on a quest to find the perfect recliner for the practically-completed nursery. We had seen some we liked at RC Willey that allow you to rock while being reclined. You can push the back of the chair backwards, without kicking out the feet, and still rock. But they were too expensive. Luckily, we found the exact same chair at Costco, in the color we liked, for $300 less. Our Lehi store only had the floor model left, so we headed down to Orem to pick one up.

After we got home and the chair was expertly put together by Greg, we got ready for some friends to come over for dinner. We had a fun group with Merrill & Joanna and Kelly & Leesa. Then, lucky us, just when we cracked out the dessert, the doorbell rang, and Russ & Elizabeth dropped by with adorable baby Davis. Our party was complete!

I am so proud of Kiera! She is a fantastic piano player, and loves to play all of the time. I gave her some new piano books when we went to Montana last week, and she already has learned pretty much the entire jazz book. And, she even was a good sport and let me video her playing 2 of the songs...

The Nursery

We have spent an enjoyable few days putting together the nursery. It is so much to pick out paint, and put up beadboard, and to put together furniture. Our friend Cliff, who literally built his house with his own two hands, has put up beadboard in 2 other houses, so he came over to help Greg put it up in our nursery. Well, really, Cliff put up the beadboard and Greg helped him. I was in charge of the paint.

Here is what the room looked like before we started:

1 precious baby

2 ecstatic parents-to-be
3 colors of paint, with 2 coats each (and touch-ups)
111 square feet of beadboard
228 nails pounded, set, filled, and sanded

The result:

Here is a video clip of Greg & Cliff putting up the ceiling fan in the dark. It was humorous to watch their concentration - but they got it all done effectively!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jon Schmidt Concert

We had a lot of fun Friday night going with our friends Mary & Bill to a Jon Schmidt concert. I love seeing Jon Schmidt in concert! He is a consummate performer, and I really enjoy his music. He is working on a new album now, and I can't wait for it to come out. He has released one track so far in a YouTube video, and I enjoy watching it. I often fire it up as background music. We were lucky to be at the concert, because he played this song, and said it was the first time it was ever played for a live audience.

Greg, as always, was a huge hit with the little girls, Carolyn and Alissa. He kept them entertained when they started to get bored.

I love these pictures of beautiful Emily (14), Carolyn (9), and Alissa (7).

At one point, Greg had Alissa and Carolyn both sitting on his lap.

I looked over, and Carolyn was resting her hand right on top of Greg's hand. I got my camera ready to take a picture, and Alissa snuck her hand in as well. Precious!

Carolyn and Alissa had each gotten a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear that day. Here is Greg, Alissa, and Ears.

Many thanks to Mary for inviting us to come with them! We had a great time. I love going to Jon Schmidt concerts because he is so entertaining. Here are some video clips that show what I mean.

Jon Schmidt always plays something with his toes:

Lately, Steven Sharp Nelson is a part of the concert. He calls himself a cello-percussionist, and you can see why here!

I love when Jon Schmidt and Steve Nelson do song "mishmashes." Here is a part of their mishmash of "Phantom of the Opera" and "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I love reading because of the characters. I love relating to them (or thinking they are the devil). I secretly wish to be the heroine of the story.

I really, really, really want to be Elizabeth Bennet. I have a sneaking suspicion I am much more like Miss Bates.

I apologize for any past chattering that you may have had to endure, and for any future chattering you are sure to hear!

Now, off to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Go us.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Montana Trip

Last weekend we had an awesome time going to Helena, Montana to visit Kyle, Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kaysen, and Papa John. We left on Thursday afternoon and drove up with Tammy. So much fun in the car! We had a great time talking about everything under the sun. After a few hours, we kind of settled down, and Tammy and I both pulled our iPods. I even got Greg to listen to a Harry Potter audiobook with me for a couple of hours.

Once we got there, we were were welcomed by a full house! Mom, Dad, & Daniel and Paul, Staci, Dallin, Parker, & Kyralyn were also there, for a total of 17 people in the house. Good thing K&J's house is humongous! We all fit just fine. Greg & I stayed in Kylene's room (thanks again, Ky!), Paul & Staci were in Kiera's room, the kids all bunked in the loft (including Danny) and Tammy, Kiera, and Kylene bounced around between Kaysen's room and the trailer. Grandma & Grandpa stayed in their trailer.

We had a lot of fun hanging out and playing cards and eating a lot of food and playing more cards and playing in the yard. Parker took me for a 4-wheeler ride once, and he is a dang good driver!

Friday night we went to Mackenzie River Pizza Co for dinner. It seems like we go there every time we are in Helena - it's starting to be a tradition! I got some great pictures. In this first one, Kyle is pinching Tammy's arm. I love how calm he looks, and how I captured Tammy's scream of pain... And can I just say how absolutely gorgeous my nieces are?

Grandpa took half of the crew out on the boat on Friday, and the other half of us on Saturday. We went on Saturday with Kyle, Tammy, Danny (again - he got to go twice, of course), and Kiera.

Saturday night we went to an amazing fireworks show. There is some guy in the other Helena ward that brings in a semi-truck full of Class C fireworks every year and puts on a fireworks show - for free - for anyone who wants to come. It was as good of a show as any I have seen. Plus, we got to drive up in the foothills and the setting was absolutely gorgeous. Also along for the show were the neighbors Brad, Trish, Megan (Kiera's BFF) and Cassie.

We are so grateful to Kyle & Jonette for hosting us! I think this should become an annual tradition. More details can be found in Jonette's blog post.

Now it is time to put in some of the funny videos I took. Watch if you dare!

These first 2 videos show a funny exchange between Kyle and Parker. We are sad that Kyle lives so far away now and won't be around as much to teach interesting things to our children...

On the boat, lots of fun was had riding the tube. Here is a funny video of Greg, Tammy, and Kiera.

A few years ago, Greg ripped his hamstring while waterskiing. It took months of Physical Therapy and much pain to get him back to almost-normal. He has not waterskiied since (can't risk injury and missing a basketball season!). On the boat, Kyle was making comments like, "Greg, is it your turn to ski? Greg, you're not afraid of a little injury are you? Greg, why are you such a wimp?" and etc. After Tammy skiied, Kyle got in the water. On his second try to stand up, he pulled his hamstring. It doesn't look like much happened from our angle on the boat, but Kyle sure was funny as he was moaning and groaning and in a lot of pain. Luckily, he does not think he ripped it, but he definitely strained it.

This is a video of Tammy, Daniel, and Kiera on the tube. Not a lot of excitement at the beginning, but towards the end you get to see Tammy and Daniel get bounced off.

This is a video that shows a lot of typical behavior from the siblings! Lots of good-natured teasing.

Kiera is definitely adorable! She is hilarious at 13 - very chatty and entertaining.

And, last but not least, a video showing Kyle & Jonette's gorgeous house and property.


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