Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Again

Lynlee was a dream in the car, to and from Montana.  She barely even made a peep, and just slept the whole time.  Ellie did well also, as long as she had videos to watch and Froot Loops to eat.  As soon as we got home, Ellie wandered all over the house and pulled out all of her toys.  She carried toys from the family room to her room, and from Lynlee's room to the hallway.  She explored and jabbered.  It seems like she missed home as well!

Greg was snuggling Lynlee, and Ellie climbed up next to him.  Then Greg said it was like a lightbulb went on, and Ellie pointed at Lynlee's outfit and then pointed at her own.  She realized they looked alike!
This morning while I was feeding Lynlee, Ellie came around the corner of the couch wearing a hat.  She was so proud of herself, saying and signing hat, and then laughing.  It is the first time she has ever put this hat on her head!


We really enjoyed our trip to Helena, and are appreciative that Kyle and Jonette always make our stay so pleasant! We spent time talking and laughing (especially when I was loopy on children's cough syrup!) and playing games and watching movies. It was relaxed and fun and entertaining.
On Monday, I dressed the girls in my favorite outfits - their sweater outfits. 

Ellie loved the step to Jonette's bathtub.  It was as if she thought it was a seat made especially for her.  Ellie also loves Macy, and was better this time about petting her nicely.  Ellie liked to say "ruff ruff" and can clearly say "May May."
Ellie loves to make fish lips for some reason.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


caution:  picture overload ahead.  feel free to skip this post...

Our Christmas celebrations have been going on all month, and continued last Sunday with a get together at my mom's house to welcome Amy back from Shanghai.  Thursday morning we got up bright and early to head up to Montana.  Lynlee and Ellie did beautifully in the car yesterday as we drove to Helena.  I could not believe how much Lynlee slept!  We woke her up, fed her, and got right in the car to go.  She slept until Idaho Falls, when we stopped for food.  We woke her up and then fed her again.  She stayed awake during our meal, and then slept until we pulled in to Kyle's house. Very impressive!  Ellie took a couple of naps in the car, and kept herself entertained by watching her Signing Time videos on the DVD player.

On Christmas Eve, Kyle and Jonette hosted a dinner for their friends/neighbors Brad & Trish, and the missionaries.  After dinner, we started the nightly bath routine.  When it was Lynlee's turn, Tammy, Kylene, Jonette and I gathered in Kiera's room to get her ready.  Ky got Lynlee undressed and ready to go, and then Jonette realized that no one had started the water.  So we all troop in to the bathroom while Jonette gets the water going.  It takes a while to warm up, so we chatted with each other.  All of a sudden, Lynlee starts peeing.  Tammy is holding her and instinctively tries to put her over the tub.  The problem is that Jonette is kneeling on the ground and leaning over the tub.  So Tammy kind of carries Lynlee in an arc, and Lynlee sprays all over Kylene, Tammy, and Jonette.  I put my hands under her bum and caught what I could.  As we were all giggling hysterically, Lynlee started in for round 2.  The good news is that she did not pee in the bath water...

We gathered by the Christmas tree and read the nativity story, using Shannon's puppets.  It was really a sweet experience to "act out" the story of the Savior's birth, interspersed with Christmas carols.  After doing our nativity, everyone got dressed up to go participate in a live nativity scene.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you ask Tammy), they got there a little late, so they did not get to do it.
 On Christmas morning, we all slept in a little and did not gather until 8 a.m.  We had a leisurely time opening presents and snapping pictures.

 Ellie had a great time taking the bows off of the packages and carrying things back and forth to her daddy.
 Perhaps my favorite present was from Jonette.  As I was opening it I started giggling and didn't want to show Greg what it was.  Jonette is supporting my addiction (of getting a $1 large diet coke for me and oatmeal cookies for Ellie).
 But really my favorite present was an amazingly bright and shiny new camera (see my picture of the day).  As soon as we finished opening presents, I immediately started the battery charging for my new toy, and reading the manual.  As soon as the battery was charged, I started clicking away.  The only problem with my beautiful new camera is that so many of the pictures have turned out, and it is hard to delete any!

 this was Ellie's gift from Tayler

 this photo was inspired by one of Becky Higgins' photo challenges

 Thanks if you read on this long.  We are enjoying our Christmas, and hope you are enjoying yours as well!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Presents

These gorgeous sweater outfits were Christmas presents from our friends Julie and Hailey.  The little shoes on Lynlee were from our neighbor Traci.  Love it!  I almost hate Ellie's outfit because it makes her look so grown-up! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lynlee is 1 Month Old

At 1 month old, Lynlee

~ is a sweet and mellow baby
~ is a super noisy baby.  She especially loves to grunt (think: trying to mess her pants, although she is not - she is just grunting)
~ is wearing her newborn-sized clothes one more time, and is ready to move into 0-3 months
~ has a problem with the sleep-eat-play schedule we are trying to establish with her.  She wants to sleep-eat-sleep
~ doesn't like to be "messed" with.  Hates having her diaper and clothes changed
~ loves the shower.  Doesn't matter that she is crying from being undressed; as soon as she is in the water, she will sigh and snuggle in
~ is nicknamed Lynnie Lu and Lulu


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