Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday Ellie and I went with Greg to his game at the College of Southern Idaho.  It was nice to spend time together while we were in the car, and Ellie traveled excellently.  It is always fun to see Greg in action!
During the game, Ellie got a little tired, so I made a little "nest" for her in the bleachers, and she played for quite a while.  She did not fall asleep, though, until I stood up and rocked her.  She slept pretty well for about 30 minutes, until the dancers came out on a time-out.  Their music was so loud that it startled E awake.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I got some great pictures tonight at our Mother/Daughter Book Club.  Good thing Lyssa was there to entertain Ellie!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Club and Sewing

Last night at Book Club, Kandice let me put Ellie in Thomas' jumper.  She loved it (which we are not surprised at). It was a lot springier than hers is, and she went crazy in it for about 45 minutes.  Ellie has really small feet compared to the rest of her - she is wearing 6-9 month clothes, and 0-3 month shoes, which are way to big.  Who needs a toy when you have shoes on your feet?
Jonette brought Ellie some clothes, and today we put on this adorable white blouse and tan skirt outfit.  It made Ellie look so old to be wearing such grown-up clothes!  Ellie is getting really good at scooting and reaching for toys.  It is fun to watch her go after things.

After Institute class this morning, Ellie and I went to Gwen's house and hung out while Gwen, Jo, Shannon, and Vicki sewed.  Everyone is making such cute projects that it made me want to learn how to quilt.  Until I started helping Jo by ironing her fat quarters, and I realized that I will never be a serious sewer until I get over my ironing aversion.
Ellie is the happiest baby, especially when she gets a good nap!  She wakes up and just smiles and talks.  She was even singing this afternoon.  It is amazing to me that E can now talk and smile with her binkie in.

We have been trying rice cereal for 3 weeks now, so tonight I decided it was time to try sweet potatoes.  I started with cereal, and Ellie only took about 3 bites before letting me she was done with that.  I put some sweet potatoes in a new bowl, and she ate it all up.  I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough!  It was so funny to watch her take the first bite - you could tell she expected it to be cereal.  After making a funny face, she smacked her lips, swallowed, and opened up like a little baby bird for more.  Super cute!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blessing and Bishop

Yesterday marked another momentous day for our family.  We started the morning eating breakfast with Pops and Nana, and our friend Jeff, enjoying our last peaceful Sunday morning for at least 5 years (although no one knew that except Greg and I).  After breakfast we finished getting ready for church, including getting Ellie dressed in her beautiful white dress again.
Then we went to church where we had 2 wonderful baby blessings.  My brother Jon was able to bless his baby Gwen, and then Greg blessed Ellie.  Unfortunately, the microphone was not working and kept on fuzzing in and out, so the people in the back could not hear.  So many people came to support us, and I felt badly that they missed out.  We are so appreciative of the efforts expended!

After the blessings, one of the counselors in the Stake Presidency got up, released Greg and our friend Merrill from the high council, and the entire Bishopric.

And then came the surprising part.

Greg was called as the Bishop of our ward.

Will you still be our friends?

We have known for two weeks now, and it has been a hard secret to keep (especially for me, the non-secret keeper).  We were both shocked when we first heard, and it has been an interesting transition to think about this new opportunity.  The Stake President called us in on February 7, and we talked about Ellie.  Greg mentioned that we were going to the temple soon to have her sealed to us, and then we would bless her on the 21st.  And then, without any preamble, President said, "Well, we would like to do something else on the 21st.  We would like to call you as the Bishop of your ward.  Do you have any questions?"

After we both fell on the floor (hypothetically), we spent over an hour getting counsel and direction.  And then we came home and just stared at each other. 

Then, that Tuesday I had my Primary presidency meeting, and Nina and Darci started reminiscing and telling Julie about what happened a year ago when Mary was called as the Relief Society President.  Mary and I both knew and were trying not to cry at the thought that it was our last meeting together, and we never let on to Nina and Darci.  Nina said, "What was up with that?" and I said, "We couldn't tell" and Darci said, "Where do your loyalties lie?"  I just kept on thinking, if only you knew what I know THIS time...

On Saturday, Julie called to tell me that she had been bumped from the program (she was supposed to speak with her son and her husband on eternal families).  I made an excuse about how it was probably because my brother was also blessing his daughter and that would take some extra time.  These are just 2 examples of how hard it was to not let on that we knew what was going on!

So after the sustainings, Greg went to sit on the stand with Merrill and Mark, and everyone that was sitting around me just gave me all sorts of incredulous looks.  We had decided not to tell anyone since everyone would be there anyway, and the only ones who knew were Greg's parents.  It was fun to see the surprised looks at the announcement!  Our Bishop and his wife were able to bear their testimonies, and then Merrill, Greg, Mark, and the Stake President bore their testimonies.  And Nick, our youth speaker, gave his talk and the meeting was over.

We are both overwhelmed already at the love and support the ward members are showing to us.  This is the start of what should be a few interesting years!

After church, Greg stayed to meet with his new counselors and our Bishop, and Dad, Pat, Bobi et al, Jon et al, Uncle Bob, Aunt Sharon and I came to our house to have dinner.  Pops and Pat made an excellent taco salad bar with fresh pico de gallo and cilantro and all the fixings, and a delicious fruit salad.  Greg finally got home around 7:30 and ate, and then we headed to his parent's house to spend some time with Kyle and Jonette before they went home.

This has been a full and special weekend.  How often do you get to go to the temple to be sealed, and have a baby blessing, and get called as the Bishop, all at once?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sealing Pictures

Thanks to Kelly for taking these amazing pictures of us at the temple, and of getting them to me so quickly!  Ellie was still a little mad, so we didn't get many smiles, yet she is still beautiful.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ellie's Sealing

This morning we had the wonderful opportunity to take Ellie to the temple and be sealed together as a family.  It was amazing to walk in to the sealing room and see so many of our friends and family members gathered together - the room was overflowing with loved ones.  It brought tears to our eyes to feel all of the support.  Thanks to all of those who made the effort to come from near and far.

There was a little delay in bringing Ellie up to us, because she was having a little bit of a meltdown.  Once the nice temple worker brought E in, she stopped crying as soon as Greg got her.  When we got ready to do the sealing, Ellie started screaming again.  So Greg picked her up, and the tears instantly stopped.  So we tried again, and there were tears.  Picked up - no more tears.  We finally just got on with it, and Ellie cried the whole time.  Afterwards, everyone came by and gave us hugs, and Ellie wasn't quite sure what to think about all of those people touching her mom and dad!

After some quick pictures (and I will post those as soon as I get them from Kelly), and a bottle, Ellie was perfectly content and happy.  We put her in her car seat to come home, and she was asleep almost instantly.  Most of the people who were at the temple came to our house for a little luncheon, and Ellie slept the whole time.

Everyone has left our house now, and I wanted to take a quick moment to blog while the feelings were fresh.  The Spirit was so strong today in the temple.  I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and for the opportunity we have to be a forever family.

Cherie Call has a beautiful song about adoption, and as I have thought about Tayler today, some of the lyrics keep running through my mind:

You delivered her from Heaven, something only you could do
And you have trusted us to love her and to teach her what is true
You have been our earthly angel
And I hope you know we pray
That we can deliver her back to Heaven
And that we'll meet you there someday

I pray that we will be able to teach Ellie the things she needs to know so that we can meet Tayler in heaven, and fulfill the trust that she placed in us to raise Ellie.


Rod, Jayme, Jasmine, and brand-new baby Byron, as well as Kyle & Jonette and Co. are in town, and it was fun to get together last night and catch up.  Bryon is really a pretty baby, just like his sister.
Jasmine and Ellie were fascinated with each other, and Jasmine wanted to hold Ellie.  They seem like almost the same size when they are sitting on the ground.  And Brayden was Ellie's biggest fan all night.  He played with her so much that Ellie spit up all over his foot.  (Luckily, they were in the kitchen and she was kind of leaning forward - it hit his pants a little bit, and then got all over the floor).  Ellie is also fascinated with Macy and just belly-laughed at her all night long!

Monday, February 15, 2010


We had a great visit today with Tayler and her family.  It was wonderful to see them again and watch them interact with Ellie.  Ellie loved being the center of attention!  She only whined a little bit at the end of the visit, when she was getting tired.  Otherwise, she just played and played and played.  Ellie did her Tigger impersonation (Clay says that she has springs in her bum) practically the whole time.  It made it tough to get good pictures, because Ellie was in motion.
We also did a little craft project and got Ellie's handprints.  Marissa used her beautiful handwriting to label everything.

Ellie was fascinated with Tayler!

A breakthrough

We have experienced a breakthrough!  Yesterday Ellie seemed to really like her cereal, opening her mouth as soon as she had swallowed, wanting another bite.  Greg tells me that I just need to learn more patience - it "only" took 10 days...
This weekend was Stake Conference, and the messages were all on self-reliance.  I am motivated to reevaluate many areas of our lives to see where we can do better.  After the Sunday morning session, Davis came over and asked if he could be Ellie's Valentine.  I thought that was a fabulous idea!
We went to my mom's house for dinner to celebrate my birthday and Teri's birthday.  Mom cooked up a yummy meal, complete with my favorite dessert ever - Gooey Butter.  It was great to see Jon, Teri, and Gwen again.  Gwen is getting really big!  Unfortunately, I talked about taking pictures of the babies, and then they both fell asleep and I didn't get it done.  Ellie was fascinated by Gwen.  When we were eating, we had them both on blankets on the floor, and Ellie rolled on to her tummy so she could watch Gwen.  When Gwen got hungry, Teri picked her up to feed her, and Ellie looked around and then cried herself that the entertainment was gone!

After we left my mom's house, we went to Greg's parent's house to welcome back his mom, who was fresh off the airplane from a Mexican cruise.  It was great to hear about what she had been doing with grown-up Gwen.

Ellie is figuring out how to scoot.  It is amazing how far she can go!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Bed

I will feel like a queen tonight, sleeping in our king-sized bed.  (OK, I know, that was terrible.)  It was fun watching the nice men put the bed together.  Ellie was fascinated by all of the noises.


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