Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I tried Ellie's hair today in 2 pigtails.  Really cute, except that her curls are less apparent.  Trade-offs!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blast from the Past

Greg got his mission journals and pictures to go through while Jeff and Rob were here.  In the pack was a set of photos from 1994 and they are AWESOME!  I can't get my computer to recognize my printer for some reason today, so I couldn't scan them.  No problemo, I thought, I will just take a picture of the pictures with my camera.  Except that I can't figure out how to turn off the date stamp.

Ah, well, this is just the best it is going to be.  Enjoy!
This was a weekend trip in January to go to Paul's mission farewell.  He is standing with Nicole (?), who he was dating at the time.  Paul and Nicole started dating about the same time as Greg and I, and the boys had a bet to see who could go longer without kissing.  I seriously thought something was wrong with me after about date 6.  Greg and I went on 11 dates in 17 days before he kissed me.  Paul kissed Nicole, Greg found out, and we were kissing within minutes.  Funny how that happens!
Tammy, Brayden, Tanya, Greg, Heather, Kent, Paul, Daniel, Todd, Dad, and Rod in front
I used to love my Converse - had them in all sorts of colors.  Those and my Birkenstocks were basically the only shoes I wore.
Tammy and I both look different 16 years later, huh?

Obviously an outing somewhere - and the only ones I recognize are Shawn (who they always called Leroy) who is second from the left, and Brigham, all the way on the right.  Leroy and Brigham were 2 of Greg's roommates.
Saying goodbye to Paul in the airport as he left for Mexico.  Ah, remember the days when you could meet your missionaries at the airport?
Kyle's graduation from MSU
Baby Brayden

President Brown's funeral

Friday night we had the opportunity to go to the viewing for Greg's mission president.  Jeff came from Pocatello, and Rob, Margaret, Shelby, and Kobe came from Boise, and we met up with Carrie at the viewing.  We spent about an hour at the church reminiscing and talking with other missionaries, and then a group of us headed to Costa Vida for dinner.  Ellie was wearing her "funeral" dress (she also wore it to Grandpa John's funeral) and did great as long as Greg was holding her.
 After dinner we said goodbye to the group, and then headed home with Jeff and Rob et al.  We put the babies to bed and then stayed up til 1 a.m. telling stories and reliving memories.  Jeff is the best storyteller.  He had us in stitches the whole time bringing up old mission memories and Ricks memories.  My favorite line from the night was when he said, "tip your waitress, I'm here all week."

Rob will forever be one of my favorite people because he introduced Greg and I.  I had a class with Rob at Ricks (Environmental Geology, if I remember correctly), and we took a field trip one day.  We were literally on the bus for 11 hours.  During the day, we would stop and troop off the bus, look at a rock formation for 5 minutes, then get back on to drive a few more hours to another rock formation.  Being college kids, we were having a great time talking and laughing during the drive, but Rob slept the whole time.  It became a game to see which one of us could get him to wake up.  I won when I blew in his ear...

The next Monday, my roommate Rachelle and I went to Dairy Queen to get blizzards for the whole apartment.  This was kind of amazing, because our roommate Windy was the only one of us with a car, and that was the only night the whole year that she let one of us drive it without her.  Anyway, we are in DQ, and Rob comes in with Greg and 2 girls.  Rob & Greg promptly came over to talk to us (which I thought was weird at the time because I thought they were on a date.  They were with Rob's FHE sisters, so I guess that was OK).  We exchanged the standard greeting of "hey, how you doing" and I shocked myself by not saying "fine" but by saying, "not good, I can't find a ride to Conference."  Greg promptly offered me a spot in his car, and the rest is history.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the funeral.  We learned some good stories about Pres Brown and enjoyed connecting with more missionaries.
Greg, Clay Miller, Carrie Lloyd Edwards, Bryen Hulleberg, Elder Tanner
Jeffie, Greg, and Ellie
Margaret, Rob, Shelby, and Kobe Nash

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dallin's Soccer Game

On Friday night we met Paul and Staci at a huge soccer complex in West Jordan to watch Dallin play soccer.  The weather was gorgeous and it was fun to see him play!  Kyralyn was nice and brought a baby doll for Ellie to play with, and then proceeded to keep E entertained the whole night.
waiting for the ball to come my way...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eating circus animals

When we were playing with Jacobi and Oliver, Ellie decided to try the circus animal cookies. My original parenting plan was to not give her sugar until she was 2. Now I just want her to eat anything! Ellie sucked the fronting off but was not interested in eating the cookie part.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Congratulations, Stephanie!

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to celebrate Steph's graduation from BYU.  What a big day!  Steph is a constant inspiration to me.  She is an amazing woman who holds everything together while raising 5 children (by herself).

The whole Book Club and their families came to our house for a bbq to celebrate this achievement.  It was fun to see everyone, even though it was SOOOO windy.  I couldn't believe that in this summer of perfect nights, we have tried to have 2 outdoor parties in a week's time, and Ellie's bday party was rained out, and Steph's party almost got winded out.  We managed to have a good time anyway, since we are all hardy Lehites.  I guess the good thing about the wind is that there were no wasps.  They must have been hunkering down...
I took this picture of Thomas because he is only a couple of weeks older than Ellie, and is already eating hot dogs and pickles.  PICKLES!  Ellie really needs to increase her food preferences.  Now that she is better, we can work on that again.

Kelly had the fantastic idea of taking a picture of all of the children.  There are 7 ladies in our book club, and 24 children, ranging in age from Camden (6 months) to Christine (21).  That is impressive!
Christine, Danielle, Miles, Joshua, Caleb, Ben, Cassidy, Garrett, Samuel, Libby, Abby, Kaylee, Taylor, Emily, Kierra, Thomas, Tait, Logan, Devin, Ellie H.  Not pictured are Everett, Reece, Camden, and Ellie S.

Sick Baby

This past week has been interesting, to say the least.  Ellie was really sick for the first time.

It started last Wednesday.  I had to go to work and move offices.  Beth, Sonja and I (and Sonja's daughter) spent a fun 90 minutes moving our stuff and eating sandwiches.  It was not long enough to really catch up, but it was so fun to see Beth for a few minutes.  I really miss hanging out with her - but I love Ellie more (and I know she loves Jay and Beck more than me, too!).  I got home and found that Hailey and Ellie had played hard, and Hailey got Ellie to sleep about 20 minutes earlier.  Ellie heard us talking and woke up, and I was happy to play with her myself.  I could not get her to go back to sleep, though, and just chalked up her lack-of-nap to me messing with her schedule.

So the tired baby and I snuggled and just hung out until Greg got home.  He immediately stole Ellie from me, so I started working on dinner.  Greg asked me if I thought Ellie was sick, but I just thought she was tired from sleeping less than 30 minutes all day.  Literally 20 seconds after Greg asked me about potential sickness, Ellie threw up spectacularly, all over Greg and herself.  Luckily they were sitting in the blue leather chair, and it didn't get on the carpet.  When she was done, we hustled into the bathroom, where Greg climbed into the bathtub for the clothes removal operation.  They hopped in the shower and I started a load of laundry.  I went back to retrieve Ellie and got her dressed in her pajamas.  We walked back out to the family room, and just as I got on the wood floor, Ellie threw up again - this time all over me.  It was back to the shower!

This started a long night week of vomiting.  The poor baby kept on throwing up, until she was down to bile and then nothing was left, so she was dry heaving.  We all slept on the floor in the family room (until Greg sent me to bed in the middle of the night).  We had a long week of taking turns staying with Ellie and trying to keep her hydrated and comfortable.

It was heart-wrenching to see Ellie so sick.  It is amazing to me how good-natured she was through it all.  There were definitely fussy times, but for the most part Ellie was so patient about not feeling good.  As long as she had her lamb to hold and her pillow (or mom or dad) to lay on, she stayed pretty content.
I am so grateful that Ellie is now on the mend.  She is slowly regaining her strength and her appetite.  She hasn't thrown up since Tuesday morning, and is now contending with diarrhea.  The doctor told me that diarrhea is fine for up to 14 days and that it is the body's way of cleaning out the bad stuff.  That is good to know, but I really hope it doesn't last that long!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today we got to go to the doctor for Ellie's 1 year old check-up and shots.  She is developing just fine, although the doctor did say that she discourages signing with babies, because it can delay their speech.  I say, hogwash!  I would much rather have Ellie sign words to me and communicate with me than get frustrated because she can't say the word.  Her vocal abilities will catch up just fine. 

Case in point, after getting home today, Ellie drank her bottle.  After she was done, I was talking to her and asked what she wanted to do now.  Ellie signed "sleep" so I put her down for a nap.  Not a peep out of her, and she is still sawing logs almost 2 hours later.  That is the first time she has signed "sleep" so that is exciting!
Vital Stats:
Length = 30.25" ~ 75th percentile
Weight = 21 pounds ~ 50th percentile
Head Circumference = 46.5 cm ~ 75th percentile

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gotcha Day

One year ago today, at this time, Greg, Ellie, and I were driving home from the hospital.  We were in awe and could not believe that the beautiful, tiny little baby in the backseat was going to be living with us.  I remember telling Greg that Ellie was stuck with us forever!

Today it has been amazing to reminisce about the last year, and especially this day.  We stopped by Mary and Bill's house for a few minutes because Mary wanted to see my blog books, and ended up overstaying our welcome.  After we left their house, we drove to get some celebration food, and I looked through Ellie's book.  She has changed so much in a year, and yet she hasn't.

Of course Tayler is close to my heart today (it is her birthday!).  I hope that today is a celebration for her as much as it is for us.  Ellie is such a precious gift!  I wanted Tayler to be a part of our day, and love this happy sunflower outfit she gave Ellie as a birthday present.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Birthday Celebrations

After Tayler and her family left, we quickly got organized for an invasion. We had so many people who wanted to come and celebrate Ellie's birthday with her!  We had planned on an outdoor party (hence the big yard clean-up), and I had procured some games for the kids to play.  And Greg planned on the yard mowing down to the minute so that it would be fresh and ready for the party guests.

And then the thunder moved in.  And the lightning.  And Greg finished mowing the front yard in the biggest downpour we have had all summer.

And we had an enjoyable, packed house, indoor party!

Davis was one of the first party guests to arrive, and it was so fortuitous that he and Ellie matched.  Elizabeth Davis broke the "no presents" rule and brought Ellie 12 rose stickers and a bag of marshmallows (his favorite treat).  Maybe someday Ellie will like those as well.

After most people had arrived, we sang Happy Birthday to Ellie and put her in the chair to try cake again.  We didn't strip her down this time, since we knew she wouldn't eat any of it.  We had the same lack of success that we had watching her not eat a cupcake with Tayler's family.  Cheerio's, yes.  Cupcake, no.
It was great to see so many people - but I felt like I didn't get to talk to anyone as much as I would have liked.  Ah, well.  That is the problem when so many people love your baby!

After most people had left, Greg discovered that Ellie likes little cups being put on her toes - and she doesn't like it when it falls off and does not get put back on quickly enough.
And we had to get a picture of Ellie with her newest cousin - and Ellie continued her "bullying" ways by trying to maul Emily's head.
We had a great day, although I am still in shock that our baby is 1!  Things Ellie does now:
~signs more words, including "wash hands," "signing" (mean "signing time"), "hat," "socks," "thank you," "eat"
~pulls herself to standing on anything
~will walk with you for a while, and then drops and crawls - much faster that way
~jibbers and jabbers all day long
~in the bathtub, has figured out how to put a squeeze toy under the water, push on it til the bubbles come out, and then pick it up and squirt herself
~has 6 teeth - 2 on the bottom and 4 on top
~is getting more and more curly hair
~loves to shut doors
~eats Cheerios, goldfish, graham crackers, and Gerber graduate snacks on a regular basis, and has once eaten rice (that was a big day!).  Has emphatically rejected bananas, pears, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, peas, corn, carrots, all baby food, oatmeal, rice cereal, and now cake
~gives high fives and blows kisses

Birthday Fun with Tayler

We were so excited to get together with Tayler and her family yesterday to celebrate Ellie's birthday.  We had a nice visit and Ellie enjoyed opening her presents - and then playing with her new doll and new toys!
What Ellie didn't like was her cupcake. She just wanted out of her high chair - and nothing whatsoever to do with that food.


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