Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When Greg got home from his meetings tonight, he took Ellie with him back to our room while he changed out of his suit.  All of a sudden, he yelled, "Heather Lee, come quick!"  I thought Ellie was bleeding profusely or something, but she was having an amazing emergency.  She stood up all by herself for the first time!  I quickly grabbed the camera, and she did it again and again and again.  Each time, she would lean forward on her hands and then just stand up.  She got better and balanced longer and longer the more she did it.  I bet she is walking by herself within a few days.
I tie her dress up in the back so she can crawl more easily
Ellie looks so grown up in this dress, standing all by herself.  Where has my baby gone?


Ellie loves to sign "bubbles," even though I am not sure she knew what they were.  But Tammy took her in the backyard and blew a bunch, and Ellie laughed and signed and bounced up and down. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stake Farm

Today we joined some of the ward members at the Stake Farm in Saratoga Springs to harvest rocks.  No, really.  They got some new machinery that will plant corn 24 rows at a time, but if it hits the rocks, parts will break.  So we picked up the rocks and put them in a backhoe scoop and made the field safe.  We drove out to the farm on the new Pioneer Crossing road, and it was amazing how fast we went to Redwood Road.  I love new roads!
Ellie and I started by the group, and Greg pushed her stroller way into the middle of the field.  Ellie laughed and giggled as she got jostled about.  I was nervous, but she loved it!  She was perfectly content in her stroller for about an hour, as long as she was eating crackers and had people to watch.  But the group moved farther and farther away from us, and there were no more rocks in the vicinity for me to harvest, so I pulled Ellie out of the stroller and we played in the dirt.  Lauren kept us company, and we had a great chat.
Ellie was so worn out that she fell asleep as we drove the 10 minutes on an extremely rutted and bumpy dirt road back to the gathering place for a pizza lunch.  It was really funny to me how she fell asleep chewing on her binky strap.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fun Day

Today was so much fun!  Elizabeth texted and invited us to go to Thanksgiving Point to walk around the gardens.  So after the babies woke up from their naps, we loaded up strollers and crackers and headed over.  The gardens were beautiful and the company even better.  We wandered around for over an hour, and Ellie and Davis were perfectly content to look at each other - and sometimes the flowers.
Ellie kept on trying to hold Davis' hand when we stopped for pictures
these fish were huge!
After Greg got home, he mowed the lawn quickly, and then we went out to play with him.  Ellie crawled all over the grass while I picked raspberries and Greg checked on the compost and the garden.  Greg picked a couple of zucchini and threw them out in the grass, and Ellie promptly picked them up and started moving them around.  We tried to get her to taste a raspberry - or even lick one - and Ellie would not do it.  But then she picked up her zucchini and started gnawing on it.  She obviously did not realize it was food...
 The grass was a little chilly, so Greg had the great idea of taking Ellie in the hot tub for the first time.  We got everyone suited up and headed in.  Ellie was in heaven!  She loved splashing around and kicking her feet and pushing her ball.  We had a great time.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ellie climbs on anything and everything, and is so close to being able to climb on the couch by herself.  The other day, she climbed into the laundry baskets and turned off the TV.
Loves her daddy, and signs "dad" like crazy whenever she sees him or hears him or hears someone say dad or Greg.  And Ellie loves to give everyone kisses.
Ellie loves to tease us by "taking" our pillows and laying on them.  She is also still obsessed fascinated with all things Baby Signing Time, including her DVDs and books and flashcards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 2nd Annual Lehi Library Golf Classic

Yesterday, I had a chance to hang out with the Library Board during a golf tournament fundraiser.  We started nice and early - I got there at 6:10.  Since I am never up and about that early, it was shocking to me to see how many cars there were on the road.  After working furiously for a little while, the golfers started arriving, eating breakfast, and warming up on the driving range.  Then they were off, and we had a few hours to kill.

Amy, Amy, and I went on a golf cart adventure!  Amy C is a true genius when it comes to driving.  We went around the course a few times and schmoozed the teams, scored the freebies, and had fun laughing and chatting.
The golf course is gorgeous, and we had fun taking "scenic" shots.  Amy M has a great eye, and kept on yelling "picture!" and Amy C would stop so we could take one.  By this pond, we had an epic skid as Amy hit the brakes.
The bubbles in the pone to the left of Amy's shoulder were because a ball just landed in the water.  The golfers came zipping around to retrieve it a few minutes later...
Miss Utah came to help raise $$$, Karen had fun driving her around
The best game was shooting your golf ball with a pressurized "gun" as your tee shot
The Library Board (back row): Kristi, Laurel, Ed, Amy C, Karen, (front): Cindy, Heather, Amy M
It was a fun day, and Rachel was nice enough to keep Ellie for me.  Hopefully we raised lots of money for the library!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things we've been up to lately

Eating circus animal cookies
Playing on our new Ikea "big girl" chair
Watching lots and lots and lots of Baby Signing Time

Friday, September 10, 2010

Montana Trip

In what is becoming an annual tradition, we headed to Helena for Labor Day weekend.  We were fortunate enough to have Kaydren ride along with us.  Ellie was so good in the car, as long as she was watching Baby Signing Time.  Poor Kayd had her iPod in one ear, Greg's music over the car stereo, and the BST music right behind her head.  I don't know how she did it!
 When we got to Helena, we got to stay in Grandpa John's apartment.  It was nice to have our own space, and to be able to have Ellie sleep in her own room, but it was weird to be out there and not have Grandpa there.  Every time I opened the door, I felt like calling out for him.

We had a great time hanging out.  Ellie was great with everyone, and went the rounds between all of her favorite people.  She loved to have anyone play with her!  One big excitement was the dirt bike they have picked up since the last time we were there.  Kiera gave us a demonstration of her skills, and then Greg had to have a go.  He killed it 4 or 5 times before getting it in gear.  He looked like he was riding a toy, with his legs up around his ears!
We had a lot of fun playing outside, four-wheeling and dirt-biking, jumping on the tramp, kicking the soccer ball, watching Greg, Kyle, Kaysen, and Kiera play kickball, and eating rocks.
We also had a day dedicated to curly hair.  Ky and Kayd spent forever curling their hair and doing "80s do's" and Ellie's hair is just naturally curly!
Also exciting was exploring all over K&J's house, and riding the lawn mower with Dad. It was a great trip, and I am already looking forward to next time!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Watching Baby Signing Time on our drive to Montana. This is keeping Ellie very giggly and happy. She just woke up from a nap and immediately started signing and gesturing for me to turn it back on.  Notice E's foot on the DVD player - she pretty much had it there the whole time.


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