Monday, January 31, 2011

Church Outfits and Welcome to Rod

I have so much fun dressing the girls up for church in cute leggings.  Lynlee's came direct from China via Aunt Amy, and Ellie's came from (thanks to Elizabeth for telling me about this amazing website).

Since Rod is in town for work, we had Mom, Dad & Daniel, Tanya, Dave, Andrew, & Emily, and Kent & Jessica over for dinner.  Simple and easy with a taco salad bar and cake & cookies for dessert.  Fun and entertaining, and plenty of baby-trading all around!  Ellie started a runny nose about an hour before everyone came, and she had plenty of snuggles for Dad.

check out Lynlee's adorable "elf" ear

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


watching Signing Time together
sister loves
go, Zhu Zhu, go!
where did it go?

trying to steal Lynlee's toy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

life lately

In preparation for Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob's visit, Elizabeth helped me carry our queen-sized mattress out of the basement and into Lynlee's room.  It was fun - especially keeping curious helpers out of the way of the fun bouncing thing!  Once we had the mattress in the room, Ellie and Davis had a lot of fun jumping bouncing on it.  Later that night as we were visiting, Ellie took off down the hallway and was playing by herself on the mattress.  In the dark.
 Greg makes excellent fresh salsa.  Ellie sure enjoys dipping chips in it!  Hurray for "hidden" vegetables.
I had fun building Ellie's new convertible bed.  Ellie was also a big helper.  She liked "helping" me get everything out of the box and did a great job entertaining Lynlee. 

 wow, I can run in here!

 Lynlee upgraded her cradle to a new (to her) crib.  Greg had to take a side off to get it through the door of Ellie's room and into Lynlee's room.  Lynlee has slept great in it for the past couple of nights.

 Lynlee loves showers and baths!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Office Remodel

Greg's office has had a major remodeling project happening for the past little while.  Todd has been the general contractor, and has done a great job!  The girls and I went with Greg on Friday to check it all out.

Major changes:
~ Flipping the staircase around and changing the entrance right by the front door. 
~ Adding 2 more offices and storage closets on the main floor (now everyone has their own office space - no more sharing!)
~ Adding a conference room to the 2nd floor
~ Creating "attic" access with central air conditioning and heating, and storage shelves up the stairs
~ A "spruce" with new paint and flooring

 While we were playing at the office, Ellie discovered again how fun it is to get in and out of Lynlee's car seat.
 how many crackers can I fit in my mouth?

 Ellie found a crayon in her diaper bag while we were talking, and then proceeded to draw on the wall.  The freshly painted wall of Paul's new office.  Luckily, Paul had some cleaner that took it right back off...
 Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon came to spend the night en route to St George.  We always love when they come to stay!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cutco, anyone?

Our nephew, Brayden, has just started selling Cutco products and wants to get the word out.  I volunteered to put it on my blog, and here is what he wanted me to say:

His name is Brayden and he is attending Utah Valley University.  He is a really nice man.  If he came to meet with you, the appointment is fun and easy.  You do not have to get anything; he is paid just to show the products.  Can he set up a time to meet with you?

So, anyone up for a Cutco demonstration?  Let me know.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lynlee - 2 month doctor visit

This morning we had Lynlee's 2 month doctor visit, so of course we took pictures before we left.  Ellie was signing something to Lynlee here (cracker or ball - not sure which).  Ellie also informed Lynlee that her ducks say "quack quack."

 Ellie is fascinated by drinking fountains lately

 Length: 21.75" ~ 25th percentile
Weight: 11 pounds 5 ounces ~ 50th percentile
Head Circumference: 39.25 cm ~ 50th percentile

 after her shots...poor baby
 Ellie was excited this time that nothing happened to her - she kept on signing "doctor" and "nurse" for us and eating her Froot Loops.  And sometime between taking this picture and arriving at home, her bow was lost.  Silly girl likes to take them out, but normally I catch her doing it...  Hopefully it is in the car somewhere (even though I looked already and couldn't find it).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Signing Time Testimonial Shoot

This morning I had a really interesting experience.  I shot a testimonial that will be in a Baby Signing Time infomercial.  How did I get roped in to this?  I am not quite sure myself!

It started with an email around Ellie's birthday that I responded to asking about my child and how much she signs.  I sent back a picture of Ellie and talked a little about our experiences with the DVDs.  Then, I heard nothing for a couple of months.  I got another email a couple of days after Lynlee was born, and I did not take the time to respond to it, so I thought that I would not be a contender.  But then I got a Flip video camera in the mail with instructions to film Ellie watching Baby Signing Time and signing.  This whole time, I thought Ellie would be the only one on video.  Even after the final emails came describing time and place of the in-person shoot, I thought it would be Ellie.

But it was me. 

I was scheduled to be the 2nd interview of the day, and I even told Greg, "it shouldn't take that long, because they can't have gotten behind yet."  I showed up at 9:45 (a little early for my 10:00 call time) and got pampered.  The wardrobe lady ironed the collar of my shirt, and then I got hair and make-up done.  Yes, make-up for me!  And then I kept on having my eyes redone because of the issues I was having.  One of the reasons I don't wear make-up is that my eyelashes are so long that mascara flakes off easily (when I blink, my eyelashes hit my cheeks).  I also have dry eyes, so I blink a lot - and with powder flying all over and mascara on I was blinking more than ever.  So the mascara kept on giving me raccoon eyes, which meant the make-up lady had to reapply powder.  It was quite an adventure.

The production did get behind....  The interview before me was a lady, and her mom came with her, so they interviewed the lady, and then the mom, and then the lady and mom together.   I was supposed to be on set on 10:45, and they didn't start me until 12:05.  While we were waiting around, the next interview and the next interview arrived, and we sat around chatting.  I got to meet Emilie de Azevedo Brown, who is the co-creator of the series.  It was interesting to talk to her and hear a little more about their company and their projects (they are coming out with Baby Signing Time board books!).

When it was my turn, I got miked up and talked with the director for about 25 minutes.  His last question to me was, "what would you say to Rachel if she were here?"  and I turned around, and Rachel was there!  She, along with other production staff, was sitting in a room watching all of the interviews, and she came out and finished it up.  It was a little crazy to see Ellie's "Chel" there (Ellie always asks to watch Chel - she leaves off the Ra).

After talking with Rachel for a couple of minutes, we took a picture on my phone (and sorry that Rachel has a boom sticking out of her head), and I came home.  My eyes were killing me on the drive, and I walked in the door and tried to wash off all of the make-up.  Now I know why people have a product called "eye make-up remover."  I, of course, do not own any, and it took about 10 minutes to try and remove all of the mascara with soap and water.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

...dressing up is fun...

Ellie knows what it means when I pull out the camera now, and she always wants to see the pictures after I take them.  Sometimes she will stand still for just a second and say cheese before saying "see, see, see."  This first picture is an example of her bargaining with me.

 We have been playing with Lynlee on the activity mat a lot lately.  Ellie loves the toys more than Lynlee does now.  This morning while Lyn was sleeping, Ellie put her baby doll on the mat and was shaking toys for her (just like she does for her sister).
Ellie's outfit was inspired by the outfit I knew I was going to put on Lynlee.  These leg warmers, shoes, and hair clip were a set that was a Christmas gift from Amy.  Super cute!


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