Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

Our morning routine usually involves getting both girls up, giving Lynlee a bottle, feeding Ellie breakfast, and me doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen while E is eating.  Friday morning, I had Lyn propped in the couch during eating/dishes, and noticed she was super quiet.  I went to check on her, and found her fast asleep.
Friday afternoon we got to go play at McKinzie and Syreese's house for a little while.  Apparently all of our practicing with sharing is really sinking in, because Ellie "shared" a Froot Loop with Lynlee.  Got it all the way in her mouth.... 
sharing her doll
 Our friends have a gorgeous house, complete with a mini-museum.  Kent and Zack are big hunters, and they have beautiful animals displayed in their great room.  Ellie loves the bear rug!

 Lynlee was passed around for quite a while and had fun playing with Ann, McKinzie, and Syreese.  Syreese has the magic touch and got her to fall asleep. 

 Ellie's new favorite food is mashed potatoes with cheese (gotta love those Potato Pearls from the cannery!).  I made them a little more runny than normal, and Ellie made a huge mess.  So much fun!!!
 When Greg is gone for a game, bedtime can be a little tricky.  It usually works out fine if I can get Lynlee to take her evening nap.  This is the shortest nap of the day, usually lasting only 20-30 minutes.  Friday night, Lyn was not ready to go to sleep, but she was happily playing on her activity mat.  So I whisked Ellie into the tub for a fast bath.  We were just rinsing her hair when Lynlee let us know she was ready for attention.  Out of the tub and in to get sister we went.  We found her ready for sleep, so I quickly put her in bed.  Ellie was proud of herself for climbing in the chair and then playing peek-a-boo with her towel!
 Saturday we spent the day with Aunt Tammy and Greg and had a great time.  We went to the 4A and 5A girls' basketball championships.  Ellie was fascinated by the noise and the excitement, and loved eating the nacho chips.  Lynlee was a dream baby, getting comments from everyone sitting around us.  She laughed and smiled, and then slept through all of the noise and excitement.

 Ellie took about a 7 minute snooze in the car on the way home - her only nap for the entire day.  Notice that Lynlee is awake, and E fell asleep holding her cup of snacks.
 No nap on Saturday + Davis home sick = cranky in nursery on Sunday.  And with church from 1-4, we again had no nap on Sunday (except for about 5 minutes that she fell asleep in Emily's arms in the nursery).  This equaled a nice early bedtime, and plenty of time to play with beautiful Lyn!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tickets on Sale Now

If you live close to me, come buy your tickets at the Library for a great night!  You get a yummy catered dinner and a fantastic show, all for $18. 

Proceeds from the night will add to the Frances Comer Fund, which is used to supplement the children's collection.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Point

We had another fun adventure with Elizabeth and Davis at the farm yesterday.  The air was crisp and cool, and the kids were all bundled up.  Ellie's favorite part was having a donkey AND a goat give her glove "kisses."  Ellie also loved the pony ride, but not so much the stroller ride.  About halfway around the farm, she asked to go home.  I think her hat was bugging her...
I was nice and warm with Lynlee snuggled in.

I dressed Lynlee in the warmest outfit she has, which was a gift from Stephanie.


Lately it seems like every hour of every day is a lesson on sharing.  This is a hard concept for Ellie to grasp, and I am sure it will be hard for years to come for both girls.  There is lots of success, though, because Ellie is a good girl and loves her Lynlee!
sharing the Pillow Pet and special blankies

Lynlee's turn

now Ellie's turn

OK, no more Pillow Pet for you, but I will share some turtles

...and some books

and now we can share together

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ellie's 18 month doctor visit

This morning was Ellie's well-child check-up.  Our doctor was running a little behind, so we had the chance to make lots of friends in the waiting room.  At one point a mom came in with 5 little kids (we are guessing 2 sets of twins).  Ellie was in heaven with all of those friends to choose from.  She even picked up all of the little books from the table and took them over to share.  Unfortunately, her new friends were more interested in running in to watch the movie.  A quick change of plans, books were dropped on the floor, and Ellie ran right in after them.
Hi, Mom!
 When we got in our room, Lynlee kept on snoozing and Ellie got all measured up.  Here are the vitals:
Length:  32.5 in ~ 75th percentile
Weight:  23 pounds 5 ounces ~ 25th percentile
Head Circumference:  48 centimeters ~ 75th percentile
 Then it was back in the room to wait for the doctor.  And yes, Ellie is turning into one of those children.  The one who gets into everything, everywhere, anytime.  And once we had discouraged her from playing with the medical instruments and the blinds, she was ready to get down from the table.
 Ellie was really good with the doctor.  She was super serious, but let the doctor do everything necessary without crying.
 The absolutely worst part of every doctor visit...


I have only taken 2000 pictures with my new camera.  Since Christmas Day.  No really, that's all!

Here is picture #2000 (and I am happy it's a good one, because I was going to post whatever came out).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ellie's first day in Nursery

Ha ha ha!  I figured out how to take my tights off.
Nursery is super fun when your best friend is there!
 ...update pictures from Russ...

Priests Video

Watch this high-quality production of Greg's Priests lip synching to Bye Bye Bye.  Hilarious!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Lynlee is so happy and loves to smile!  She is close to laughing, and loves to stick out her tongue.
Kelly captured these shots for me.


love this picture, because Ellie is "kissing" Lynlee, and Lynlee is just mellow and accepting of it

more typical Ellie - playing next to me while I am cooking, and has many types of toys with her (all carried over from her room and the family room)

Lip Synch

For the combined activity at Mutual Wednesday night (or is it Joint?  I can never keep those names straight - but the one with boys and girls together), the Teachers hosted a Lip Synch contest.  It was hilarious!

I tried to get some good pictures, but all of the lights were turned off except for the stage lights.  Jessica gave me a free photography lesson, but I still didn't have much luck.

The YW leaders did a dance to All the Single Ladies and were quite the hams!  Aunt Jo's costume was probably the best...  Julie has videos posted on her blog if you want to check them out!  And Greg's video is at the bottom of this post.
 Every time a song would end, Ellie would say MORE.  She loved dancing to all of the music!  Lynlee slept the entire time.  Crazy...
 The Mia Maids taped glow sticks to themselves and did an awesome dance.  They all let loose and showed some mad skills!
The Priests made a music video at Russ' work last week (husband to the famous Elizabeth).  We were able to see a sneak preview last Sunday, and it was awesome.  We were glad we already saw it, too, because as they were setting up to premiere the movie, all of the power went out.  We hung around for a few minutes, and then packed it up and drove home in the wind and snow.
I can't remember the last time the power went out for an extended period of time - definitely the first time since we have lived in this house (6 years).  It was quiet and peaceful inside.  We put the girls to bed and talked, and then they both woke up with the wind.  Greg snuggled Ellie and I snuggled Lynlee, and then we all went to bed around 11.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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