Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Our ward put together a beautiful evening to recognize 12 Young Women receiving their Personal Progress medallions.

On 12/12/12.

Ellie and Lynnie were so excited to go to see Hailey sing.  Lynnie told me all day, "Hi-ley sing!"
one of the girls left early, so here you see 11 of the 12
 Ellie and Lynnie sat with Nick, Nick, Bryson, and Brian for most of the night, and were pretty good for over an hour.  They got a little antsy at the end, right when Daddy was speaking.  They were giggling pretty loudly, and wouldn't come when Nick M tried to get them to come back (they had wandered down the bench away from him).  A super proud mom moment there.

And Ellie was so glad when it was over that she said the loudest AMEN ever at the end of the closing prayer.  Pretty funny!

please excuse my phone-poor-lighting-but-better-than-nothing pictures.  Julie said she would share her photos with me, but I haven't gotten them yet...

 We also were so excited to see Sadie and Madelin!  All of our special friends were there, and we had a great night.

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