Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Lights

We made the pilgrimage to Temple Square today.  The girls were so excited to ride the train!  Once we got on TRAX, Ellie loved every second of it.  Lynnie got a little hesitant and was content to snuggle in our laps.  She wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

 Ellie likes to take over the camera lately, and she is getting pretty good at making sure people are actually in the picture.
 When we got downtown, our first stop was City Creek mall.  It was our first time there, and it was interesting to walk around.  It was pretty, but in the end, it's just another mall.

The bathroom was our first stop, and we went into the family restroom.  There was a little kid-sized potty, and a regular toilet, and a changing table, and a little sink and a big sink.  Super nice to cycle us all through.  We visited it again before we went to Temple Square because the girls liked the little potty so much.

Then we registered to visit Santa, and had an hour to wander before our appointment.  We went to the Disney store first.  And we are now one of "those people" that push around a giant stroller in the itty bitty store.  It was worth it, though, because we used that stroller the whole time.

 Touching the water is always fun!
 Visiting Santa was cute.  Ellie hopped right up on his lap and snuggled in, chattering away.  Lynnie was cautious, and not very excited about being put on his lap.  The girl taking the picture tried to get Lynnie happy, but I told her to take the picture anyway.  I think everyone needs a picture of crying on Santa's lap!
The timing was perfect after our Santa visit (and another visit to the family restroom) because it was dusk.  We headed over to Temple Square to see the lights.  First stop, the concrete circle for the temple shot.
  Ellie took this picture.
 We headed around to see the Nativity.  Ellie decided she was tired of walking and holding my hand (there were a lot of people there) and climbed in the stroller.
 As we were walking, I was very emotional just thinking about being on temple square with these 2 precious babies.  It is amazing to start traditions like this in our own family.
Ellie loved watching the Nativity.

Lynnie was happy watching the Nativity, eating Smarties, and holding my hand.
 We wandered around Temple Square some more, and a helpful stranger took our picture.  I was trying to have the temple in the background, but this is what we got.

 The train ride home was super exciting!  Ellie loved it even more, and Lynnie was happier this time.  She kept on telling us the train says "hoo hoo."

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