Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas is the best.  We love Christmas around here!

Ellie woke up at her normal time, around 7:30, and we woke up Lynlee and were opening presents before 8.  The girls are at the magical age where they understand that Santa is bringing them presents, and every present is a treasure.  It took us a couple of hours to open presents, just because after each package, we would get the toy out of the box and they would play.

Stockings from Santa, and Mom's and Dad's are definitely less full than the girls.  Is that a commentary on our behavior?

 Santa brought the girls a slide.  Greg loved it because it was the easiest toy we've ever put together.

 They played on the slide and with their stockings for a long time.

 Opening presents is much more fun with helpers.

 The girls loved the new kitchen toys: a toaster, a blender, and a mixer.  Ellie immediately made a smoothie with the blender and cookies with the mixer.  Lynlee told us LOUD and covered her ears.

 Another big hit--a porcelain princess tea set.

 We have been using little fleece baby blankets as our car blankets, so I was excited when I found these fleece throws on Black Friday for $2.88.  I thought they would make great car blankets.  To my surprise, I think they were the favorite present of the day, and each girl is sleeping with her blanket.
 Wrap Lynnie!
 This shirt and headband set from Aunt Jonette immediately had to be worn by Ellie, which means it also had to be worn immediately by Lynnie.

A great morning!

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