Friday, December 7, 2012


I was really inspired by the few minutes of Elizabeth's lesson she taught on Sunday in Relief Society.

She spoke about gratitude and how people who express more gratitude are scientifically proven to be happier and more joyful.

I want to capture that result (scientifically proven, don'cha know?).  So, here goes:

I am grateful for many things, including

controlling my climate, with a thermostat that says 68 degrees which really heats our house to 73 degrees, and 
 a nice big sister who dragged a chair over to the pantry, filled a cup with Scooby snacks, and brought them to a little sister to have for a pre-breakfast snack, and
 a smart and precocious girl who loves to sharpen pencils, and
 a getting bigger every day girl who has successfully asked for (and completed) 4 trips to the potty, including pooping 3 times, and
  people who send random thank you notes, and
 Christmas decorations, with a 3 year old who has remembered every day to move the candy cane marker, and
 tissues, especially when Lynnie's nose is running, and
 cousins.  And technology.  And
 having 2 sidekicks and helpers, especially when they get so excited to help.  Ellie pulled a chair over to our niche and arranged this little nativity set just so.
I marvel every day that I get to be a mom.  I am so grateful for our birth moms and their choice to let us parent the girls.  Amazing!

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