Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preschool Program

Ellie's Christmas program for preschool was this morning, and it was awesome!  Her new Santa dress (thanks again, Monique!) was perfect, and Lulu looked super cute in her dress as well.

The preschool girls went downstairs with Miss Traci to get ready, and Lu had fun playing peek-a-boo with pup.

 They were soon back, and looked so cute walking in.  Ellie looks so grown up!
jingle bells
 My favorite song was "Ellie the Elf" complete with choreography.  Ellie loved that there was a song with her name.  For a long time when she practiced it for me, she would say:  Ellie the elf, sitting on a shelf, pull of mush-jeff as she could be.  I'm a little sad that she corrected it to "full of mischief" by the day of the program.

 Ellie was proud of the snowman ornament she made.
 After the program, we had cookies and hot chocolate and then headed to the gym for a little demonstration.  The parents and Lu got to come, too, and it was so fun to be in the action.  I took off Ellie's Santa dress but forgot her socks, and it was a little more slippery than normal for her.
 The first thing Lu wanted to do was the trampoline.  But once we got there, she decided she didn't want to jump after all.  So we turned around to watch Ellie on the rings.
 Ellie is the shortest one in her class and always has to reach to get the rings.

 She is getting really good at letting go and dropping on to the mat.
 Then Ellie headed to the bars, and Lynnie cautiously made her way onto the trampoline to stand next to Greg as he took a video.  Ellie quickly ran over and did the trampoline also.
 Lynnie was so excited to pick up a block from the foam pit!

 Vault time!
  Oh, wait, I'm a little nervous to jump off of this.
 Whew, thanks, Miss Traci!
 "Lynlee, what are you doing?"
 Ellie asked to climb up and jump off of the high platform.  They have only done this once, and it is pretty high.  I was proud of her for wanting to try it, even though it is scary.  Ellie even went first!
 Once she climbed up, Ellie took a few minutes to gather her courage and make the jump.
 "OK, I'm almost ready."
 "Oh, wait, it's scary!"
 Miss Traci put her hand up to help Ellie again, and Ellie just went for it!

 To all of our surprise, as soon as Ellie climbed out she said she wanted to go again!  Round 2 had less hesitation.  What a brave girl.

 It is definitely a different perspective to be in the gym with Ellie.  Usually Lynnie and I are up in the observation room.

 Lynnie kept on saying "slide slide" as she went from one end of this to the other.
 A little swing on the rope, and it was time to go.  What a great morning!  I am so proud of Ellie and how far she has come the past couple of months in preschool and gymnastics.  Miss Traci is an amazing teacher and friend. 


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