Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow Day

Snow is super exciting stuff!  Lulu was so excited to show her puppy the cool snow.
 Lu always wants to take pictures now when I have the "real" camera out.  She tells me "push push" and gets some pretty good shots.  She took about 30 like this:
 and then Ellie took 25 like this:
Then we got bundled up and headed out to help Greg shovel the driveway.
 Ellie worked really hard and was so proud of herself for shoveling just like Dad.

 Lynnie was a little cautious at first, but then got really brave and tromped all through the snow.  It was a victory for me to get her outside, because she hates her poufy coat.  And jeans.  And boots.  But I think she was won over by the mittens and the fabulous snow!

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